“I never find clothes that flatter me…” Sounds familiar?

Let me prove you wrong…
Understanding body types – Women

Everybody is an artist, the way you style & present yourself to the world and carry your identity, talks of it. Though it might seem to happen effortlessly, we all know, what labor has gone into sculpting this self of yours… Now, a lot of us face a block and give up reinventing ourselves, stop updating this image for many reasons, few of which are, work stress, busy schedules, and changing body types with age. Well to handle the first two is why I’m here as your personal stylist, but to understand body types is also equally crucial, coz once you understand that, getting dressed is a million times easier, coz now that you know the rules, so you can break them well :). At the end creating a balanced look is the key to great style.

Ladies, I would first push you all to forget the media, who constantly push us to think about dieting, looking younger, fairer, toned, and effortlessly beautiful, bullshit, who are they kidding, but they did noticeably scared a lot of us women into focusing on our little imperfections, time to wiggle it all away and accept the lovely body you have earned over the time. Whatever shape you are, if its healthy you have nothing to worry about. We must learn to adore and love the body we have, never let your body & media dictate how you dress, ‘coz comfort is never out of fashion, if you feel awesome, that’s it! You will carry it well.






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