Hip Hoppity Hop •Monkey Suit• The Beach

Recently Chummabazzar met its gang of awesome startups on the beach of Goa. Though the meet up had an agenda of sorts and some sessions planned, it turned to be one hell of a vacation, a much needed one for a lot of us to get a fresh perspective on our work and some re-evaluations of the directions we were about to take. In the 4 day tiny wicked vacation, the most fun part was outfits that add a little flutter to the regular walk.

True to the sprit of the vaccation when the sun was out, we enjoyed the heat, the sand and the tide, paying homage to the child in us.

I put together a pair of printed shorts in fun colors, a basic crop tee which was a splash of freshness, Shades and the straw hat was unavoidable (: and the jazzy beach friendly flip-flops completed the look. 

Afterwards, a maxi dress, minmal jewelry, a clutch bag & a wooden wedges were perfect for informal catchups till dinner.

In the image 123456789
Have you been on the beach recently?



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