9 to 5 •Happy Working•

Its sad, how over the years, media and the yesteryear conservative work places laid rules on the corporate dressing. What’s more sad is, that it’s etched so hard into the 9-5 culture even today more than 80% of us swear by those rules and walk in and out of offices as clones. I could also add that it won’t be a surprise that not many people really care about the basic details.

So today let’s pledge to do a bit for ourselves and keep its interesting and fun, and am here to help you though it.

Quick Fixes  Pimp your tech •
An easy way to start introducing the change into your 9-5 attire will be by pimping your tech. What we mean by this is, let your personality reflect in the phone covers, wallpapers, laptop bags, mouse pads etc. Here are some options to pick from.


BTW… Yes there exists a very sane and rather good-looking concepts called the “man bag”, so loose the fear and indulge.

Grooming • The Handshake •
No untidy, long grown nails like the jungle guy. Keep them trimmed, dirt free, it add a lot of character to your handshake. Gentlewomen please, no chapped nail polish. Buy loads of nail polish remover, so you will never have to have an excuse of running out of it. Gentlemen, please use a moisturizer for your hands, it’s not gay to take care of yourself. Pretty Ladies here are some choices that are a high rage this season, and will add the perfect oomph to your workday.


Friday Dressing • TGIF •
Casual Fridays, are to live the real us, of course in the limits of corporate acceptance… But don’t turn into mere brand ambassadors by sporting solid t-shirts with huge logo prints. That’s just wrong. It is still office and you will be noticed & judged. Always have your guard up, and dress smart (Monday or Friday THIS will be my work uniform style).

Here are some suggestions from the Chumma Bazzar application.
Monday – Friday


No rips and slops • No Beggar-chic look •
You may argue that the real you is about grunge, piercing, rips etc. and try to get a nod on its acceptance, but lets get real. Even if you can really pull it off (the ripped jeans and the drop crotch pants at work) I would suggest keep them aside for all the non work occasions.

‘Under’ stays under • You are no Superman •
Am sure am being quiet clear, but to throw a little more light on the topic, we don’t need to see the jockey and the straps, peeking out to say HI. Wear them in, that is where they ought to be.

Work wear ≠ Boring • Add Color and life •
This is especially for Trouser-Shirt clan! Who said only white and blues make the cut for formal? Who said only Strips and Checks are formal! Be fearless, and express the real you! Lay off the stiff collared, hard cotton shirts.


Always coordinate don’t match • Trash the Match •
This is mainly for the women, you don’t have to match shoes to accessories etc. Red to Red. Try and coordinate, let them complement each other. Try Green with Gold / Red, Pink with an Orange!

And you beautiful men, it’s time you don’t shy away from brown… Brown shoes and belts add a lot of sophistication to an otherwise regular suit or a beige white shirt.

Dress for the job you want, not for the one you have.

What have you done recently to break out of the office’s boring dress code? 


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