The • 2013 • pledge

1. Stay happy & healthy


Eat right, because for your body to feel its best, the right intake of food is crucial you will be surprised with how active and light you can feel. Don’t go on crash diets, it does your body no good. A healthy diet and basic exercises can put you way ahead of the game. 

Show yourself some love and stay healthy and happy.

2. Clean the closet


This is on my mind every time I start a ‘To-Do list’, but this time around the plan is to donate every piece I haven’t worn in the past two years, and do good ( also make space in my closet for my new obsessions :p )

3. Look in the mirror and fall in love with what you see


It is very easy to find faults in one self. It’s very easy to say my eyes are not wide enough, my lips are too thin, or feel fat etc. But all this doubt and insecurity will only weigh you down. Accept yourself the way you are, you will see how miraculously your body will make you feel beautiful. 

4. Dress the girl you are


Don’t let the society pressure you to change the person you are… Shrug away the “You show too much teeth when you laugh”; “Don’t you think those pants make you look fat”; “I think you have put on a little weight”… AAAgh!!! It’s my body… as long as am not torturing it with crash diets or over burdening it with unhealthy junk, please keep your kindness to yourself.

Confidence in your self is very important. If you believe in yourself and believe in your ability to do good things, you can do anything, so if you think it will do you good by loosing that one pound and getting some muscle, do ahead and do it. Stretch your limits as long as you stay healthy and it doesn’t become an unhealthy obsession.

5. Invest in a classic


More often than less we spend more on things we don’t wear more than once or twice, like that cocktail dress or snazzy printed sparkly denim.

How many times did we actually buy a well constructed, well fitting T-shirt / cardigan? We would drop our jaws at any price tag that would cost us more than a lunch. But it is that one piece that we can make endless looks with, wear it anytime and look and feel chic if it fits us well.

So this year find a versatile piece of clothing that fits and suits you best and spend on it and let go of those crazy architectural stilettos you drooled on the other day.

6. Give black a rest


Aren’t you bored? I mean there is nothing stimulating about going the safe road every time we are in doubt or feel low… This year I am replacing my blacks with burnt red, olive and forest greens, deep royal blues, and earthy browns. All deep shades but not black. This will be one interesting experiment to lock away all the black.

Let me know if you take up any such experiment 🙂 

7. Drink ample water and splurge on fruits


I don’t even need to explain this. All your skin care products can do good if the body is take care of from within so for that beautiful glow and younger looking skin, Water – Fruits.

8. Kick back, relax, and refelect & be crazy


Some times its awesome for the mind and body to cut off from all the drama and just have fun. I have tons planned for this year, and doubly sure my productivity will be much higher. Try it (And also a good laugh and a running behind your brother or niece will be added exercise for a fit body).

9. Discover your style and invest in the accessories


A good accessory uplifts any dull outfit, but don’t just wear them because they are in trend, rather let them reflect your personality, let them be fun if you are about humor, or simple yet bold if you are a minimalist. All in all they should tell your story.

10. Find the clinique that suits your skin best


All the choices, I’m sure you are confused in making a pick. I would say do good research based on your skin type and results you want to see, shortlist products and try sample sizes of them and then make a pick, parallely do home remedies like tomato juice for skin rejuvenation, honey for moisture etc.

To conclude I wish you all a very happy and bright new year. This year make a pledge to ‘get crap done’ don’t procrastinate how ever small or big the job to be done is. Start off with a glass of water and do home and see what you haven’t been wearing that could fill joy in somebody else’s life 🙂 


A sweet something to remind you that crap is not always just shity, so happy working toward a joy-filled year ahead. Love you all ❤  


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