The •Box• Fashion

Hey there Style monster,
Meet the box clutch. 

Sure, you’ve seen tons of these little killer bags on the red carpet, but have you ever thought of making  a box clutch by yourself, that goes perfectly with any look you can imagine?

Well here’s how we made ourselves a little fun clutch that can hold a phone, the money pouch and a lip balm.

• Translucent double cassette box
( If you are not born in the 80-90’s google for it 😉  )
• Art paper
• Ink / Paint / or Art material you prefer
• Brushes ( If required )
• Knife
• Scissors 

• Step one – Remove album cover and cut out a piece of paper exactly of the same dimension.
• Step two – Find inspiration and start painting. We here did an abstract floral design, you could go with adding gold glitter entirely if you are making an evening clutch, or a minimal black and white design to go through day to night.
• Step three – Slide in the paper to sit right as an album cover.

• Step four – optional – some cases might have projections to hold the cassettes in place use the knife and a sand paper to smooth them out.
• Step Five – Tadaaa!! Enjoy your new clutch bag.

If you get bored of it or need a different clutch for an outfit, get a photo-print are put together a quick art piece. Simple, isn’t it?

Yes, these bags sure wont carry all your unmentionable necessities but they sure will grab a ton of attention and add a twist to your style. More over who wants to carry a heavy bag all day? This a fun day and an evening option for those times you want to give your shoulders a rest.

Here’s is the look we have planned for our clutch

                  Blouse / Blazer / Pants / Skirt / Belt / BagShoes

    Super gorgeous! Super easy! Do try and share your experiences.


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