5 Accessory Trends to try this Summer

It is said that accessories can make or break your outfit, which indeed is true. On top of that, if you miss accessories altogether, even a minimal look feels incomplete. That is the power of accessories. So we help you today, use that power in all its glory this summer. Here are the top 5 trends you must know and try now!

1. Black and white Accessories



One of the biggest stories this season is black and white. It is exceedingly chic yet easy to pull off, hence it is definitely a universal good match for any woman out there.

• Style these accessories with
 black and white / all white/ all black outfit for best 

• Black and white shoes can also give a great fashionable twist to the classic white shirt blue denim combination.

• Use one statement Black and white accessory at a time in your look to avoid overcrowding.

2. Tassel Accessories


Tassels have made a comeback this spring, especially with Dolce and Gabbana’s collection. You can go bold with this trend without fear as you have the fashion license to do so. It is also the perfect trend to take with you on a holiday.

• Depending on the boldness of your accessory, choose your occasion with a little care. If you are in a conventional workplace, most of these pieces will be too flamboyant for work. Wear them on outings and holidays instead.

• To make your bold tassel accessory the focus, choose a minimal outfit with it. 

• If you are feeling especially fearless, pair with a bold print or color and turn heads.

3. Chains and linking


This is definitely a classic and is re-invented this season. Chains on shoes, cuffs and multichained necklaces are ruling. Look for interesting linking and one-of-a-kind pieces.

• A chain necklace can accentuate your plain blouse or shirt instantly. When pairing with a shirt, wear it over the shirt but under the collar leaving only a part of it visible.

• If wearing a cuff, wear a single piece. If wearing chain bracelets, you can wear multiple and even add a watch or a woven bracelet to make your wrist eclectic.

4. Pastel accessories


Even though neon is still on the go, especially in the accessories department, pastels are over. Pastel accessories are the new elegant and feminine trend.

Instead of carrying a nude color bag or neutral shoes, try the pastel colors this season with your outfits.

• This is the opposite of the bold accessories, hence a great option for work.

• For a subtle look, wear pastel accessories with a pastel outfit. If you want to go bold, the right brights and pastels too complement each other beautifully.

5. Bright Watches


This trend has been carried forward from the last season as it is still going very strong. But the time to sport this trend is now or never. So hurry!

• A bright watch can add a fun, youthful and casual element to your outfit.

Looks great with all denim looks, tucked in shirts and tee paired with shorts.

• It is ok to contrast these from the rest of the outfit. Yellow, tangerine, neon pink and even white is a great color to opt for, even if it is not bright technically.

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