How to wear Dungarees /Overalls

Yes! They are back. And we can already feel the mixed reactions on your faces. Some of you absolutely love dungarees (or overalls, however you call them) and the rest of you get fashion nightmares from them – since you think they are very unflattering. It is a tricky trend, agreed but hear me out and you will know just how it can work for you.

Push back any images of farming, labors and even the grunge look of the 90s and start afresh with overalls of 2013. They are not too baggy, in fact in lots of cases they feel snug and tailored. They are crafted with materials beyond denim and are being worn in bright colors and prints too. Think of them as the jumpsuit’s fashion sister and it will help you to open your mind to this micro trend.

Runways like 3.1 Philip Lim, House of Holland, Kinder Aguggini and Moschino all presented some wearable takes on overalls and shortalls too. 


If in the last century Kylie Minogue popularized this garment, today Alexa Chung, Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Katie Holmes have been sporting their versions. It is very comfortable to wear (though slightly cumbersome in the restroom) and youthful garment indeed, and below are some tips on how to wear it now and be on trend.


• For laid-back chic, pair your denim overalls with a white tee or tank. Don’t be afraid to show off those shoulders and don’t forget the classic aviators along.

• Throwing a blazer on top of your overalls is a new look picking up in the fashion circuits. If you want to make it even more formal, wear an all black overall.


• To make the above look dressier, add a statement neck piece.

• Wearing heels and statement shoes with your overalls is a good idea right now. It makes the look more fashionable and intentional.

• When wearing printed overalls, either clash with another print when feeling bold or keep it neutral with a plain shirt or tee. Match your shoes and bag/clutch.


• Breton tops hardly ever go wrong when paired up with a dungaree. It’s a fail proof classic.

• Slightly loose printed shirts with plain overalls add a whole new point of interest to the look.

• If you have particularly toned abs, pair your overalls with a crop top.

• A bright pair of lips can also make the look dressy.

• If overalls are not your cup of tea still, try out the shortalls, skirtalls or dungaree dresses.


Hell yes!

For any body type issues that you may have in mind for overalls, here are some style tips to make help you decide.

The baggy and grungy versions look best on the lean and tall bodies. If you are not one with this body, there is different overall version for you out there.

Petite and average frames look great in shortalls  or the cut off overalls as they make the legs look longer.

Overalls/dungarees not working for plus size women is a myth. You really have to look for the right one and pair it right too. This picture is an example. Since black slims you down, and so does a narrow leg. Opposite to popular belief tailored is more flattering than baggy for plus size women.


The pear shape women can choose straight fit overalls, just like you would do with your jeans. Balance out with a well-fitted tank or tee.

And the best tip out there would be to know celebrities your own body type. This would quickly help you realize which looks you can pull off with ease and which will be a slight challenge.

With that here is Wink n Pout’s picks for some trendy overalls. Cannot wait to make them a part of your wardrobe – SHOP FOR THEM NOW!



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