How to Dress for Success in a Job Interview

It’s the graduation season; and many of you (our lovely readers) maybe starting their first jobs now. Or you may already be part of the work force and now are now planning your big switch. But it will all happen only when you pass through an interview.

While your resume, confidence and expertise all are deciding factors in you getting the job, the first impression is how you dress for the role. Believe it or not, your interview attire will be a major deciding factor and gives away more than you may imagine.


Do some Homework

Though a generic guide of do’s and don’ts helps greatly, it is very important to know the industry and company you are interviewing for.

A corporate firm will have a more conventional dress-code than a fashion business, and hence you need to dress differently for each one.

It is ok to ask your hiring manager about the company’s dress code. Dress just one notch higher than that.

In case you get no information from their website, facebook page or the HR it is safe to assume the industry standard as the company standard.

Classic (yet not boring) Interview Looks for Women

There are some fail-proof dressing ideas that can be tweaked slightly according to your industry. Though as a general rule, remember that flashy colors are not for interview but you can move away from boring black and blue to beige and subtle pastels in today’s day and age.

Wink n Pout creates occasion friendly and body-type appropriate looks for you. You can download the free Wink n Pout app to get more ideas and shop directly from there as well.



Dress Pants are a staple and can be paired with button-down shirts and blazers if the temperature is right.

For a slightly casual approach you can also pair these with cardigans, sweater or jumpers. Add statement accessories.



A statement dress which has a conservative neckline and hemline, though a deep blue, green or red color is a chic option.

Color block dresses with a hint of a brighter hue can also be interesting. Throw a blazer on top to appear even more presentable.


1 • 2 • 3 

Pencil Skirts worn with button-down shirts and a blazer is a time-less power attire. Though make sure the skirt fits you well and not too tight to sit. When you are uncomfortable, it will show through.

The modest A-line skirt is now increasingly becoming acceptable for an interview.



Prints, the monochromatic and subtle kinds add a dimension to your interview look. Going with the trends, you can wear printed dress pants or a printed cardigan to the interview.

Couple of more suggestions:

Skirt-suits, if worn with confidence are a balanced powerful and feminine look for the interview.

Peep-toes, pumps, ballet flats and certain wedges are a must-have in your work wardrobe.

Thoughtful accessories like a thin belt, watch, necklace or stud earrings etc. added to your interview look can enhance the appeal manifold.

What not to wear

• Very tight clothing that has a very high hemline or shows cleavage. All that is best left for the evening. Stay away from skimpy.

• An excessively bold or flashy color or shiny materials are a
complete don’t.

• Loud jewelry pieces or too many of them. Stick to the one-jewelry-only-near-the-face rule.

• Very heavy makeup

• A plunging camisole under a blazer. If the attire is business casual, the least you can do is pair up a plain tee.

• Flip-flops, sneakers, old shoes etc.

• Very strong perfume as your employer maybe allergic to one. Go subtle in this department.

• Wrinkled clothes. They just convey to your employer the seriousness you have for this job. If you can’t take time out to iron the clothes, you do not want it enough.

• Clothes which don’t fit well or are exceedingly old fashioned. If it is not an updated wardrobe it shows.


With Wink n Pout by your side to help you dress and give you tips, we can only say Go Get em Tiger!


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