Trend 2013 • In love with Clear Accessories •

Every once in a while comes a trend that makes us skip many heartbeats. The current fascination with clear accessories is one of them.

Be it totes, clutches, necklaces, cuffs or shoes, everything is going the transparent way this spring. It has become fashionable to let what is underneath be visible on the outside. It surely is fun ( and bold of the person who is carrying) to see someone on the street with a clutch that shows through their personal belongings like a phone, their lipstick and their sunglasses.

And if you thought it is a micro-trend, think again, since it is everywhere.

The big names in fashion like Burberry, Chanel, Stella Mc Cartney, Alexander Mc Queen, Valentino et all have featured this trend on the spring runways. In turn, the more accessible brands like Zara, Topshop, NastyGal have followed suit and included clear accessories on their websites.


As you would notice in Wink n Pout’s compilation, it is also a hot trend amongst bloggers, fashion forwards and was seen on the street during fashion weeks.


Tips To Style Clear Accessories.

Go Minimal ::
If you find this trend too bold for you, remember to buy a Lucite accessory in transparent white. This can then be teamed with white or black attire for a minimal look. You can also start small, with a pair of clear earrings or cuff instead of a tote.

Neon Pop ::
If you have carried a neon clutch in the past and loved it with your outfit, how about replacing it with neon clear clutch or bag instead? That is the update you should strive for this season.

Your Friend In Need ::
Due to their transparent nature, these accessories go down very well with both colors and prints. Think of it this way, if no bag matches your outfit – a clear bag will definitely be perfect, as it is barely there.



A Quick Fix ::
While using a clear bag, if you still want to keep your belongings personal and away from the public eye, put a smaller printed bag inside the transparent bag and you’ve got yourself a mean looking arm candy.

Kick It A Notch Up ::
A shoe with a clear heel can be the easiest to include in your look. After all who doesn’t like to make a statement with shoes?

Razzle Dazzle ::
The accessory mostly looks great in the day, but as a general rule, as soon as it is embellished it starts working for the evening as well. Use your style discretion on this one, as some can rock an evening party just by the virtue of their color too. Imagine an emerald green perspex clutch and you would know what I mean, as it would look gorgeous with an evening gown as well.



Inspired enough? With that exhaustive list of inspirations, tips and products by your side, we are sure you are ready to get in the clear? Go forth!

Download the free Wink n Pout app for custom styling tips, favoriting products and shopping for trends all from one place – your smart phone!


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