6 Fashion Disasters to Avoid

Fashion faux pas really can happen to anyone. They happen with celebrities, who are worth millions of dollars and have their personal stylists and also with a regular person you see in the mall. And we have all seen them, stared in disbelief, felt aghast or even indulged in some private mockery.

But how to escape from committing these fashion sins yourself? Wink n Pout helps you!

Miss Matchy

If you feel the urge to exactly match your shoes and accessories with your clothes, shrug it off. Mixing up colors and patterns which complement each other is a good thing. Suppose you wear a spiky headband, and then go for a spiky bracelet and pair of shoes as well… get the idea? It gets too much that way. Hence avoid your obsessive matching.

A size too small

One of the first steps in looking fashionable is getting comfortable with your own skin and body. Accept your body shape with its perfections and flaws, and play up the strong aspects. Wearing clothing one size too small highlights you in all the wrong places. It goes without saying that tight jeans results in muffin tops. Also wrong and tight silhouettes always highlight the problem areas. So use caution.

Wrong undergarments

Very few women realize the power of choosing the right under garments, even today. Panty lines, for starters really break your outfit. Choose seamless ones or thongs instead, but be careful of choosing the right size again.

Exposed bra straps are considered trashy in many environments, though exceptions exist in various society levels. But there are no debates over not wearing a white bra underneath a black top or double-boobs due under a t-shirt due to the wrong bra.

Accessories Overload

Remember the rule, one statement piece per outfit. If you overkill with a lot of flashy accessories in your outfit, it a major fashion disaster. Do not wear a necklace and big earring all at the same time. Even when doing the multiple rings or bracelets trend, co-ordinate them well and in certain limit and go easy on other accessories.

BTW, Sarah & Vanessa, we love you, but come one, even you know that this was not one of your best fashion days.

Shoes you can’t wear

We have all come across women walking with a lot of difficulty in their heels. The first thought that comes to the mind is, why wouldn’t they just quit trying so hard. Remember that for yourself as well. Wear the heels you are comfortable in and those which fit.

If stilettos are not your thing, there are plenty of other options out there. Models HAVE to wear them, since it’s their job, but yours isn’t so why risk falling and embarrassing yourself in public. Another turn-off is very tight shoes on swollen feet.

Ignored Manicure

Given, that not everyone can afford a manicure or maintain one. But if that is case, simply keep your nails short. There are no valid excuses out there to make dirty nails or chipped nail paints legitimate in fashion. Also, please quit biting those nails, everyone is right when they say it is not a good habit.




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Good style and fashion really is accumulation of many factors. And the devil is in the details truly. 



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