Did you know? Fashion myths busted

When it comes to a few things about fashion and style, most of us spend our life in fear and sometimes belief in the myths. Doesn’t it restrain the fashion choices you have and the wonderful looks you can possibly create? What if I told you, a lot of things you believed were untrue and there is a way around them. Plus inspiring pictures to illustrate how it’s done! Let’s go then.

Did you know that Black and blue look GOOD together?

No, they are not enemies. In fact they are good amicable friends. They belong to similar families and can make an outfit gorgeous. We even dedicated a full post to how to wear black and blue together, to solve a fellow tumblr gal’s query.

The easiest way to wear blue and black together is when the hues look visually different. Think blue jeans and black sweater or adding cobalt blue shoes with black pants.

Even when the blue is more like a navy, it can work with black. Stick to only these two tones in your outfit & add a statement accessory in gold or silver.

Have you thought about a denim shirt with black pants? Well, see the picture and tell us if you didn’t fall in love.


Did you know that gold and silver jewelry can work in the same outfit?

Again… not enemies. It was an age old myth but even the jewelry makers are breaking it now. You can see different jewelry products using both metal finishes.


For one, mixing them up looks aesthetically pleasing, and very versatile.

Pair these with basic colors like black, beige and grey to get started and get a hang of the tow together. Later you can try with bolder hues.

You can also add little accents. Say on a wrist filled with a gold watch and bangles, add thin silver bracelets as well. You would love it.


Did you know that petite women look great in maxi dresses?

I really do not understand the origin of the myth. Given, shorts and mini skirts can elongate the legs. Even dresses with hemlines ending just below the knee add height. But that is whole point, different hemlines work. And when it comes to maxi dresses, you would love it on your petite self.

The trick is not to get consumed in the silhouette. Either define the maxi with a belt, the neckline should show some skin (think plunge or tube) or simply don’t go for a very voluminous one.

Don’t believe us? See these celebrities rocking maxis all the time. Nicole Ritchie is 1.52 m, Vanessa Hudgens is 1.55 m, Ashley Olsen and Eva Longoria are 1.57 m.


Did you know that mixing prints is very chic?

Yes, you heard it. Though it could seem like a scary art but with experience you would see how simple it is. Here are some pointers for beginners.

Look for similarity in color, for example tow hues of blue prints mixed together.

Or the type of print can be the common thread. For example, two chain prints can look great if your style is bold and anything but minimal.

You could start with mixing one micro print and one more defined. Keeping the visual attention is not very balanced.

Even floral prints work well together. If you are aiming for avant-garde then contrast colors and keep prints equally dense. But for a toned down look, one floral can be dense and the other one far apart.

Breton stripes and florals, if done right, are a classic.


And finally…

Did you know that you do not need to match your shoes and bag?

This belief is an overkill. Contrast them on purpose.

To do this right, match at least one of the two with your outfit. Contrast the other one.


If you use a hue from the same family, both of the accessories can be contrasted form the outfit. For example, grey and black outfit with silver shoes but tan bag.


Hope that busts some myths for you and makes you meet with your enlightened fashionista self and yes, opens up newer avenues!

Any fashion queries that you would like answered by our experts? Get in touch with us Or download the Wink n Pout App to have personal stylist 24X7!


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