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Severine from Skyfall • In her Shoes •

The latest bond flick brought about another memorable fashion moment, as is the tradition with the movie series. This time around, I could not take my eyes off the dark sultry femme fatale Severine played by French Actress Bérénice Marlohe. Even though, this bond girl’s role in the movie was short, she managed to leave a strong impact. What with costume designer Jany Temime taking 6 months to create the black dress which opened her role.

Stunning as it was, the sheer back, tattoo effect gown had 60,000 hand applied Swarovski crystals on it. A very sexy Hollywood Noir look that made us want to decode this siren’s style. She is blessed with great curves and it always is an advantage. But one tip everyone should take away from her is being fearlessly sexy and having an air of confidence to rock any look.

KEY – Feel like a bond girl inside and it will add to that sex appeal.

Her style elements had bold sheer panels, lace, embellishments and detailing. She showed her style prowess in colors like black, beige and red. The beige I am referring to here is a luxurious night robe with lace. Let’s see how you can steal her style for the day, evening and the night.

Style notes to keep in mind
• Stick to classic colors, be it day or night.
• Lace, luxurious satins as fabrics & tailored pieces are key to the look.
• Look for necklines like sweetheart, deep V, Square and Plunge.
• Steer clear of baggy and over-sized silhouettes. Severine is the opposite of androgyny.

Channeling Severine during the Day

Shirt • Skirt • Heels • Lipstick

During the day, define that waist. Be it with a belt, peplum silhouette or a dress with waistband, your feminine curves are your best friend.

A well-fitted pencil skirt paired with a tucked in sheer blouse also will give the same vibe.

If going for a dress during the day, you can also look for drapes, but only those, which define curves.

Don’t forget to put lipstick on, and wear short heels.

Channeling Severine during Evening


Body-con dresses with hemline finishing just below the knees can be very powerful and feminine.

Take those sexy heels for a night-out with this look.

A deep red or black lace details on beige work get elegantly well for an evening look.

Channeling Severine for a Glamorous Late Evening


Think Glamorous but only in a classic dark way.

Deep red gown with intricate details is an option that cannot go wrong for the night.

Jewelry, dark nails and eyes will complete the look.

So get confident and get sexy! 

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