Which Swimsuit is for your body type?

We all must have faced swimsuit anxiety at some point or the other. Real women have real body issues, and there is some part or the other in our bodies that we may not be completely confident about. And swimsuit is one garment that bares all our insecurities and hence the anxiety.

With July 4th just a day away, and with summer time in full swing in general, a lot of us will be close to water more often. The stylists at Wink n Pout are here to lend you some peace of mind by giving a cheat sheet into accentuating and camouflaging the right areas. Though, remember to have real expectations. We all must love our bodies, whatever the body shape. If you have a heavier bust, don’t expect the tricks to ‘transform’ you to skinny or any other shape. That said let’s see how you can use your body-shape to your advantage.

Body Shape: Pear

You are anxious about: Your heavier bum and thighs.
• To balance your proportions you would want to choose a louder print or color on top, to seamlessly draw attention.
• Try deep necklines or some hardware fittings on top
• Shorts, hot pants rather than high-cut strappy bikini bottoms.
• You can also opt for skirted bottoms in dark colors or A-line cut swimsuits.


Body Shape: Apple

You are anxious about: Your wide or rounded tummy.
• A-line tankinis, with attention to your bust will look great.
• Go for clever trimming styles for the mid section.
• Ruched styles which have more room in the middle.
• Bikinis with high-waist retro bottoms are your thing. Be sure to choose a fold over waistband, so that it does not dig in the skin.
• Color-blocking swimsuits which place a dark color on the tummy.


Body Shape: Inverted Triangle

You are anxious about: Your wide shoulders and broader upper body.
• Halter necklines are your friend as they break up the width.
• Solid colors on top and frills and other details at the bottom.
• A deep V with wide straps will also draw the eyes downwards.


Body Shape: Sporty Ruler / Boyish

You are anxious about: No curve at the waist.
• Say yes to monokinis and one-pieces, they are made for you.
• Bold prints and details like ruffles, shirring etc will make the body appear more curvaceous.
• Embellished bottoms bring attention to the hips and define the waist.
• Avoid geometric lines and square necklines.


Body Shape: Hourglass

You are anxious about: Looking short on stumpy or shorter looking legs.
• Classic bikini with bra style top (underwired for support).
• High cut bottoms can be super flattering.
• High-waist retro styles will show off your tiny waist and also elongate legs.


Other worries
Big Bust

• Supported bikinis and under wires, wide under-the-bust bands are the answer to your problems.
• Wide or adjustable straps, boning, seamed cups, and sturdy linings help lift the chest, too
• Avoid drawing the eye to the bust by skipping bold prints or detailing.
• High coverage necklines and armholes is a good idea.
• A two-piece bikini in most cases will be a good idea as it can give all round band support.

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Small Bust
• Soft molded cups will define your bust and add curve. 
• Ruffles, prints and bold colors on top are for you!
• You are lucky enough to wear bandeau and triangle tops. Use it to the fullest!


Still have questions? Ask a Stylist at Wink n Pout. Or download the app to have a personal stylist with you 24X7.


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