A bit basic… A lot charming!

Let’s be real. There are a lot of days in each one of our lives when we are just too lazy to dress up. Those are the days when we gravitate towards the basic. But those are the very days when we need to look good, to feel good the most. So what is a girl to do then?

A girl should remember that just by adding a single separate be it clothing or jewelry, basic dressing can also be charming. Wink n Pout gives you a few pointers to take various basic looks to charming status in spring summer.

T-shirt and Shorts

If you are wearing the very comfortable and casual combination of denim cut-offs and t-shirt, you can simply add a colored or printed blazer to transform the look into something dressier.

Boyfriend blazers which are slightly longer than your shorts will also work if you roll up their sleeves.



Tank and jeans

So you just put on your favorite denim and a basic tank on top, slightly printed or just a solid color. What do you do? You add a statement necklace. You could either choose to stick to a similar color scheme or contrast the necklace as well. Choosing a style that fits closer to the neck or one with a long chain and beautiful pendant is also upto you.

When doing the long chain, you can wear two thin necklaces of varying lengths as well.


A jersey Maxi dress

We all have those, and wear them in neutral colors like black and grey or bold ones like neon and tangerine. You might as well own a striped version. But what is that one thing that will work with all your jersey maxi dresses? A statement belt! By defining the waist you enhance your curves and also elevate the jersey maxi above the basic level.

With solid colored ones, you can contrast the belt of varying widths – thin or thick. With stripes, usually a thicker belt only will show. But you can go for a braided version as well and knot it, for then it will get some attention visually.


Leggings and Long tee

I know a lot of us bless fashion for making leggings acceptable and trendy again. The only thing, as we always recommend, when pairing leggings with tee – choose a longer one which covers enough for saving your modesty. But beyond that wrapping a scarf around your neck with this casual combination will only add a cooler vibe to your outfit.

If the separates are in solid color, throw a printed scarf over or an embellished one. You could also choose to color block with a brighter hue. In case the outfit has prints, either stick to a solid color scarf or if you are a pro – mash-up prints.


Shirt and Jeans

Ah! The classic jeans and white shirt combination…  Statement sunglasses add a fun quirky edge to the classic. The sunglasses can be a statement due to the color, shape, printed frame or finish of the glasses. Though don’t forget to choose a pair that actually looks good on your face and not just on the runway.


Basic Dress

A very simple tank dress is one of our go-to options when we feel lazy and in no mood to even think about matching separates. But one thing that you can give a little thought to, while putting this type of dress on is your footwear. There’s no argument over how great footwear cheer women up magically, so choose an over-the-top statement shoe. It could be printed wedges, neon heels or even crochet loafers, simply think pretty.


If you want help with your looks, sorted according to occasion and body-type of course you have to check out the Wink n Pout app. If you have style question then Ask a Stylist from our expert team.


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