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Best Crop Pant lengths

Crop pants are not everyone’s cup of tea and many women have found them unflattering, with experience. But as soon as it is summer, season after season these refuse to leave the runways as well as the store shelves. Yes, the crop pants are very much a omnipresent trend. And there is good reason behind getting your facts straight about your crop pants. Who knows, you might just find a pair for you.

Read on and discover the best styles that suit you.

Different lengths of Crop Pants
On the basis of their hemline there are various versions of crop pants available. A certain hemline works for certain body types and others don’t; though a major factor will be the fit as well.

Just at or below the knees – It usually works for many body-types including sporty ruler, inverted triangle and apple. The pear and hourglass, should give a shot in the trial room. Whether it works or not will depend on your height and body frame as well. But there is a good chance that it will.

Widest part of the Calves – Unless you have skinny calves and long legs, you should avoid this length as it would draw attention to them.

Inches above the ankle – This is the hem that makes your leg shorter, so avoid if you are a petite. Taller medium frame women with the inverted triangle, apple and sporty ruler body types can pull them off.

Just above the ankle – This is the closest to the full length and they can be trendy and flattering on just about anyone with the right fit, color and how you wear them.

Crop Pant Fits
This criterion should be given a lot of weight. See below why.

Straight fit – This is a good option for the pear shaped, hourglass and apple. The straight leg balances out your width at the hips.

Narrow Fit – Works well for sporty ruler, inverted triangle

Flared fit – They look dated and are best avoided by all body-types. Flared pants in full length should be dealt differently than those of the cropped variety.

Shoes with Cropped Pants
Now this is as important as it gets.

– If you feel in your cropped pants, wear wedges or heels with them. It elongates the legs.

– Avoid cutting down your legs with any footwear with ankle straps.

– You can also choose to play the color trick by going for nude footwear.

Other than all the pointers above, remember some other basic rules. Choose darker colors for a slimming effect. If your cropped pants are denim based then no light washed on the thighs that will take attention. For making your legs look fuller though, the opposite will be true.

At last, know that you will have to try the crop pants on to find the best pair for yourself. Though with the above tips in mind you will surely get to them faster.

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