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Best necklines for every Body type

Not many of us think about necklines consciously when adding new items in our wardrobes. We think about trends, colors and silhouettes but sometimes even the most seasoned of shoppers make a neckline mistake once in a while.

As important as dressing optimally for your body-shape is, the neckline choice hence becomes critical. With experience, of buying some great things as well as some disastrous ones, you may have even made a list of all the necklines that look good and don’t on you. If you still haven’t paused to notice, then you must.

We today choose one neckline flattering neckline per body shape. Find out below the perfect one for you.

Apple Shaped Women
You have beautiful shoulders and decolletage, but a rounder waist is what you need to counter-balance. The V neck is perfect for you!

It will help to minimize and create the illusion of a smaller midsection and make you appear taller and leaner. Look for this neckline in your dresses and blouses. The depth of the V can depend on the occasion and your personal choice.

Best suited necklines for the apple shaped women

Pear Shaped Women
Your curvier bottom is the tricky area for you. It is beautiful we say and requires some balancing that’s all. And unlike you may think, when dressing, putting some thought in not only the bottom but the torso is also important.

A Boat Neck is a wonderful neckline that can widen the shoulders and hence flatter your proportions.

Best suited necklines for the pear shaped women

Hourglass shaped Women
An hourglass figure deserves some flaunting. A sweetheart neckline will complement your womanly curves greatly.

It would keep attention around your bust and decolletage line slims down the torso and flaunts the sculpted shoulder line. You could go for a version with sleeves or thick straps for the day, and a strapless or noodle strap version for the evening.

Best suited necklines for the Hourglass shaped women

Inverted Triangle Shaped Women
You happen to own wide but beautiful sculpted shoulders. The collarbone is an asset as well. A deep scoop neck will add more depth to your neck as well as soften your shoulders.

It will also lend some focus to the decolletage area, instead of the width.

Best suited necklines for the inverted triangles

Sporty Ruler Shaped Women
Adding some curves to your body can start right from the neck instead of cinching or defining the waist only. Go for a cutaway neckline that shows off your shoulders and visually adds to your bust. It would narrow your waist further when you cinch it.

Best suited necklines for the sporty rulers

This brings us to the end of our compilation of best necklines that flatter your body-shape. But you still can get in touch with us if you have any questions via Ask a Stylist. To have a personal stylist in your phone 24X7, download the Wink n Pout App.


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