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Rules of Mixing Prints like a pro Fashionista

Finally, an ultimate guide to mixing prints that actually works! We tell you the rules mix prints in a chic way, not a crazy over-the-top one. We have gotten requests for this one from a lot of customers lately. Seeing how popular mixing prints actually is, Wink n Pout stylists had to reveal to you the rules and secrets.

But before you get going, we have to ask you one thing – come with an open mind which is not afraid. Intimidating as it can be, this guide will lay down a basic set of rules for you. You can build upon these and experiment to get a hang of mixing prints. Once you do, you would see so many options open up from your existing closet as you would be combining pieces you never before thought about before. Excited much?

Note : While mixing prints you can apply more rules than one. As you would see in the inspirations, the rules are combined to give a great final look. All we are doing is breaking each one up for you.

Complementing patternsHow to mix prints, mixing prints

There are certain prints that are known to complement each other well. You can follow the rules or even find your own. Some classics are stripes and florals, stripes and polka dots or leopard and stripes.

Similar hues or color familyhow to mix prints, mixing prints

The most basic trick when combining prints is to look for similar colors in both of them. You don’t have to mach them exactly, just a similar hue or even color family.

One common color rule How to mix prints, mixing prints

Look for one common binding color in both of your prints. You could look for a similar base color, or the some common color in the print, besides others. Matching neutrals like black, grey beige etc. in two prints is the easiest.

Spaced out and dense prints together
How to mix prints, mixing prints

Yes, it is as simple as that. Look for far apart motifs and combine them with busier counterparts. Do not forget to apply the common color or similar color family rule here, as mostly it would be required.

Big and small
How to mix prints, mixing prints

Working on the same principle as above, the contrast of a bigger print and a smaller print is aesthetically pleasing. Your micro Prints come into the picture here.

Introduce a solid color piece
How to mix prints, mixing prints

In case just mixing two prints is not your cup of tea, you can introduce a solid color garment into your look, be it in the form of a tank/ blouse, pants or a blazer.

Subdued with loud
How to mix prints, mixing prints

You would find some barely there prints in your wardrobe, due to their size placement or color combination they are very easy on the eye. Team one such print with a bolder one for the right balance.

Common theme
How to mix prints, Mixing prints

Pick a theme, floral, stripe, polkas, checks, abstract… anything. And get the two prints going in on the same theme. Again remember to combine this one with other rules.

Mix Sparingly
how to mix prints, mixing prints

This one specially works if you do not want to go overboard and just starting to mix prints maybe. Mix prints via accessories. Think a printed belt, a scarf, shoes or even a turban. Apply the rules above to get it right!

Inverted colors
how to mix prints, mixing prints

This one creates a unique graphic language in your look. Suppose you have a black on white print, combine it with a white on black. Apply this rule to two-tone prints only.

So, that is our guide to mixing prints. Go have a look in your closet and we are sure you would find something right away to get started with.

If you face any problems you can definitely shoot a question to us, you just have to our stylists here. To get personalized looks for yourself anytime, download the Wink n Pout app.


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