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How to Shop in Sales

It is the season of sales, and well, we all surely love discounts. But more often than not, we end up bringing home things that we do not love later or use much. You might wonder, is there a secret rule book for sales shopping that I am not aware of. Or else, how does your friend, at office manage to get the best bargains?

Wink n Pout will give you the answer to that! Though there is no secret rule book, but there are tried and tested tips that can make you emerge as a winner during sales as well. Read below our smart shopping tips during sales.


Will you buy it off-sale?
One of the best questions to ask yourself before making the sale purchase is if you would still love the merchandize it were selling for full price. If the answer is yes, then go for it. If it is a direct no, you should re-think.

Does it make me look good?
Saying the truth to yourself in the mirror is very important while shopping. But during a sale it is critical. Due to price drop, you may just lie to yourself that it looks good even when it doesn’t. Stop lying whether you shop online or from the store.

I can manage with a size smaller or larger!
No, you can’t. And you shouldn’t. Think about it this away – if you spend even half price on clothing that doesn’t fit right it is money going down the drain. You will not love it on yourself once you are over the discount syndrome and then will have to buy something similar on full price.

The day of the week
Brands mail you and text you about sales. Be sure to subscribe to these as you would be amongst the first to know. Sales usually start on Thursday or Friday. Visit on these days instead of the first weekend. The crowd is less, and there are more chances of you getting the sizes as well as variety.

Seasonal and Regular Sales
Apart from the seasonal sales, at the end of each season the regular sales cycles can also get you bargain prices. Merchandise stays on full price for six to eight weeks before it is marked down. Watch out for the sales tab regularly while shopping online, or the mark down shelves at stores.

Return Policies
Certain Brands will let you return sales merchandize whereas certain won’t. Make an informed decision in this regard to save yourself from regretting later. Also, if one store does not have your size, you can ask the staff to check if their other stores have it in stock right now.

Dress Comfortable
If you are shopping in store, you will need to get in and out of clothes and shoes often. Prepare for it with quickly wearable and removable clothes and shoes.

Statement vs Essential
Essential items are easy to buy at a sale since you know you can wear them often and it will be your money well spent. For statement pieces however, a lot of us get confused. Ask yourself where can you wear the piece and how many times. The cost per wear ratio is higher for statement pieces and hence it makes sense to get them on discount; But only those which you actually can pull off.

With our tips complete, here are the top 7 bargains that the Wink n Pout Stylists picked!


1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 7

At massive 40 – 70 % off… Go grab em!


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