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Best of “wearable” Resort 2014

Fashion Shows and editorials both can serve up some great inspiration for your looks. Runway to real way is not so impossible if you know just which ideas to pick up. The Resort 2014 shows culminated a while back and our team found the season pretty wearable.
While the usual fare of sailor inspirations was there, the bright cobalt blue hue really caught our eye. Prints were mixed and full black and full white made waves. So let us make sense of it all for you and show you how you can use the trends at Resort 2014 to dress yourself up.

Head to Toe


What lies where bold and minimal meet? A single color head to toe look! It is a very powerful look can be worn in your favorite colors. Whether you choose a jumpsuit or playsuit in single color or match your separates is upto you. Here is the inspiration!

Loving Denim


If you restricted your denim purchases only to your jeans… resort 2014 forces you to think beyond. Whether it is the Denim skirt suits, pant suits, blazers or full skirts… it makes sense to increase your denim options.

Belt it up


At Wink n Pout we can not stress enough at the importance of belts. They are very flattering on most body shapes and really define your look. The designers in their resort collections seemed to agree

Dress up you Black Pants


The most Classic separate that is available in all wardrobes was just looking for a re-invention to break away from its boring tag. Due to its neutral and goes-with-everything appeal, you can play it up with a denim blouse, a cute crop top or a faux sheer shirt.

The White Blouse


If you still do not own a perfect button down or an interesting white blouse, please start looking. They can work with so many separates that you would be amazed by all the new looks you can create from your existing wardrobe. Layer them under crop tops, tuck them in a maxi skirt, wear with the same color pants or skirt… you look will be classic chic.

Take a risk with Prints


Bold Prints make a Bold statement. And sometimes that is exactly what you need to do with your outfit. Start taking some risks with prints and they would pay off. You could wear a single print with solid color or mix prints up. We love wavy prints, tropical ones and bold stripes as well.

Show Some Skin


Sheer, lace and cut-outs have been hot for a couple of seasons now. While some of you may question their modesty during the day, who said you can’t show some skin like a lady in the evening. Consider lace pants for example, with a long blazer or tunic these look sexy and feminine.

So which are your favorite looks from above? Which trends will be trying out soon? Do let our team know in comments below! P.S. Have you downloaded the Wink n Pout app yet? It is your 24X 7 personal Stylist on your phone, suggesting you looks for every occasion for your body-type and aesthetic choices.


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