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Red & How to wear it?

How many of you have this powerful and bold color in your wardrobe? Not many will nod in a yes for red. And we agree that wearing red can be intimidating for most. But it is a color that you can and should embrace, maybe in different doses and on certain occasions. So how can you wear red? Let’s find out but before that… you must know some things about red!

• Red changes perception of people. It is an authoritative and leadership worthy strong color.  Hence, do not wear the color when you need to appear negotiable and the like.
• Men automatically throw logic out of the window and perceive red as sexy and sensual. You must be aware of this to make the right choice.
• Red catches the eye and attention. Be ready for it if you wear the hue.
• Red may not be for everyone. You might not ‘feel’ right in it at all. But that should not stop you from including it in makeup and accessories.

How to wear red

The Right shade of Red
From Scarlet to Crimson… there are a lot of shades to choose from.
So which one is it for you?

It would depend on a lot of factors, from your skin color, eye color to your hair color. But to solve this puzzle yourself, think of other colors that suit you. If you look good in warm colors like ochre, vermillion, browns etc. get yourself a warmer red i.e. which contains more yellow.

If you look good in black, emerald green, bright blues and the like, choose a cool red which has more blue in it than yellow. Like explained from our own logo here.

Basic guidelines to wear red

Red and black go really well together. In most cases leave the white and red combination for Christmas and, blue red and white for July 4th. But exceptions are always there!

Unless it is evening and is absolutely necessary, don’t go for a high dose of embellishments – the color is enough when it is in majority in your look.

If you are afraid, start small – red lipstick, heels or a bag perhaps.

Shop form our top 5 picks of the MILD & the BOLD editions

Shop for red

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So now that you have grabbed some information about the color, how do you feel about red? Are you ready to wear it or still have some doubts? Shoot your doubts to our Stylists.

We would be happy to help!

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