What to Wear to the Gym?

What is style? And does it end with you coming back from office? Does it not come with you when you go to the gym or stay at home? The truth is – Style is permanent and reflects in everything you do, own or love. Did you think about it?

So the next time you are thinking to wear just about anything to gym… think again. Stay stylish at the gym as well; it all really is about being occasion appropriate.

So if you are a regular at the gym or just going to start, this guide will help you through looking good and fashionable even when you work out. Active wear can be fashionable, be it for hitting the gym or running on the boardwalk.


The essential gym wear
• One of the things you need to consider foremost is your under garments, the sports bra specifically. According to the kind of workouts you do (low impact, medium impact, or high impact) choose a good sports bra that supports well.

• The right shoes are as important as the above. It will again depend on the exercises you take up most. For example for cardio, jogger shoes are good. You can also consult your trainer on this one, and they would be happy to help.

• Breathable and comfortable clothes that fit well. Period. Specially pay attention to the tank you will wear. To avoid flashing yourself, do check at home if the neckline is ok when you bend, jump, lean sideways etc.

• Black fitted gym Track pants – cropped or full length is up to you but it is an absolute essential. Avoid the loose ones as they get stuck in pedals etc at the gym.

So now that we have established the ground rules, ready to see some inspiration and looks that work well?

Lessons Learnt:
• Don’t be afraid of color, bright pops whether in your shoes, tank or sports bra straps is acceptable and looks great.

• Don’t forget the accessories. Namely, your statement bag, or sunglasses or baseball caps even.

• It is allowed to show some skin, be it baring the mid-riff or the shoulder.

• If outerwear is required, wear good ones like a denim blazer or a leather jacket. Makes you more fashionable if you have to run errands afterwards.

Our Favorite Active wear
So here is our top 10 active wear separates. Choose and shop from the links below.

But if you need body-shape specific gym looks put together for you, all for free – you can download the Wink n Pout App. If you like something, you can shop in-app as well. Easy as a piece of cake 🙂 Oops… got to hit the gym and stop thinking about food so much right!


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Happy working out…
get those abs toned we are soon telling you how to rock a crop top ❤

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