Le wardrobe • Stay Stylish even with a small wardrobe

Let’s face it, not all of us own huge wardrobes and we have to repeat our looks quite often. But a small wardrobe too can be versatile, provided you have the right pieces and know how to mix and match.

The secret to making it versatile is thinking while buying. As a rule each separate should work well with two others in your wardrobe. For certain garments, it the number will go upto 4-5 and hence they are of supreme importance, like a white shirt. Yes, you would require the help of accessories of course but a little number of clothes can do!

So before Wink n Pout stylists show you how to get most out of your tiny summer wardrobe, see the example of 11 essential items your tiny wardrobe needs. 

Wardrobe essentials

  1. White Shirt – Clichéd yes! But the classic is critical in a small wardrobe.  It can be minimal, dressy, casual, formal or trendy as well. We will learn it below.
  2. Black shirt / Blouse – If you have the above in full sleeves, add variety by taking the black one in sleeveless or half sleeves to add variety.
  3. Printed Shirt – We advice an ethnic slightly intricate motif print or scarf print and not very huge in size. A basic print like polka is slightly lesser versatile than the former. The colors will depend on the colors of the rest of your wardrobe.  
  4. A trendy blouse – You could choose a lace peplum or bright hue or embellished one or even a bold print, choice is yours – go dressy on this one.
  5. Neutral Pair of Pants – Choose a great fit and color that suits you. We won’t restrict you on black as beige or nude color pants are also versatile.
  6. Printed Pants – If you require to be very stylish choose a fashion forward print like tropical prints, if not choose slightly subdued classic prints.
  7. A good pair of denim – Well, at times the occasion or mood is only right for denim. The fit should flatter, the color preferably should be the basic blue or ink blue. If your heart is set on colored pants, try to take a color that you hypothetically can wear everyday. We love maroon and pastels.
  8. Tailored shorts – In a small wardrobe, we do not exactly advocate denim-offs. Choose a well made pair of shorts instead which can be dressed up or down.
  9. A little White Dress – No it was not a typing mistake… we do not mean LBD, we meant LWD. The reason being everyone has an LBD and when you want to own only one dress in a small wardrobe, choose one that stands out a bit and is still basic. LWD it is! Now since it is not a separate, it will only make one look for you, but you can dress it up or down, take it from day to night with accessories.
  10. A flattering A-line skirt in solid color – A line looks good on most body-types. That is the truth. And here we are referring to the one above/at/or below the knee according to your body-type and height. Oh… you don’t know how to choose? Read our guide to skirt lengths.
  11. A Printed Maxi Skirt – Just like the A-line a Maxi skirt too flatters most people, yes even the petite. Take a print not a solid color as you would already have that in the skirts department.

Now, If you are wondering how many individual looks you can create with the above? Twenty!  So that means with just 11 garments in your wardrobe you can have unique 20 looks in summer…!!  








The Magic Worker – If your weather allows you to put this on in summers, nothing better. Add a black blazer and your looks would reach over 30! What a great investment right! Hence choose a classic and good fit.


Want more looks tailor made for you? Download the Wink n Pout app.


3 thoughts on “Le wardrobe • Stay Stylish even with a small wardrobe

    • Hi Cia! the top 4 essentials as described above are shirts/ blouse. Umm… we guess there has been a misunderstanding? We describe a white shirt, a printed shirt, a black shirt(or blouse) and a trendy blouse.

      Let us know if we are missing your point!

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