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Friday Dressing Ethics – Do’s and Don’ts

They call it a casual Friday at work, but exactly how casual you can go is an unwritten rule. Some of us struggle a lot to get it right. At Wink n Pout our stylists do understand the confusion and have laid out some do’s and don’ts that you can swear by. So here is your Friday Dressing made easy!
How to know if you were wearing the right thing?
This is an important question, and we answer it because we want you to be your own best judge. Below are some of the questions that you can ask yourself
1. Will I wear this outfit to my bed or while I am at home and watching TV ? 
If the answer is yes, you are doing it all wrong.
2. Do I still look professional?  
Yes, it is Friday but it is still work. Will you be comfortable meeting the CEO of the company in this outfit today on Friday… if your promotion depended on it? It is surely something to think about, as being presentable is very important in office.
3. Do I feel lazy in this outfit?
Well each outfit or look arouses certain feelings in you as well as the other that see you. Professional garments make you feel confident & energetic. It should be the case with your Friday outfit as well.
Now that you have learnt what questions to ask yourself on a Friday, we list down the Do’s and Don’t of Friday Dressing. The list of course is a general one, codes differ from office to office to office and profession to preofession. Hence also notice how your seniors and colleagues dress on a Friday. But please learn from the good examples! 
It is ok to Wear your Jeans
Blazers add a professionalism to even a casual outfit and is great on a Friday over denim.
It is ok to wear crop pants that are just above or inches above the ankle.
Plain Tee shirts if paired with something a little more professional like an A-line Skirt
Pointed Toe Flats.
Ballerinas and certain sandals only.
A Short tailored Suit, if your office environment is not very conservative.
Crazy denim washes, distressed or torn denim.
Denim Shorts or skirts that leave little to imagination.
Unkempt out-of-the-bed hair.
Quote T-shirts
Pyjamas, sweatpants etc.

T-ShirtJacket PantsBagShoe

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