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In Her Shoes: A Clockwork Orange

Well, technically it is “In His Shoes” today as we get inspired only sartorially by Alex DeLarge form the movie – A clockwork Orange. It is a mostly a dark movie, some would say. But the evil character wears an all white look in this one, much to add to the irony.


His White pants, shirt and suspenders as well the bowler hat and makeup on one eye is a classic recognizable look. So much so that Christina Aguilera threw A Clockwork Orange theme party back in 2009 and dressed herself as Alex. We quite liked the androgyny on her, and that is the look we are re-creating today.

ImageBorrowing from men, for fashion inspiration is nothing new. In fact we have a popular board on Pinterest dedicated to it called – Steal it from the Men: Androgynous Fashion. But what is new and bold is copying the exact same look.ImageChanneling the style of Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange
The exact same look is only for the bold. You can wear it to a party to make a statement or if you are style-wise meek, wear it to a costume party. It is not too – ‘costume-y’ and very classic and stylish.


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Just wear your best-fitting white pants with a white shirt tucked in. Throw in a pair of white suspenders. Wear black heels which are not androgynous, and the black bowler hat to complete the look. For the eyes, we recommend putting on some fake eye lashes, heavy-duty volumizing mascara as well as eye liner. Throw in a dash of silver glitter to appear glamorous. We also suggest adding a black bow-tie, to be even more dressed.

In Daily Life
So is there a way to wear this look without going all the way and looking somewhat similar still? We suggest not one but two of them. Take a pick!

Look 1
Very Casual and yet androgynous; if you are afraid of white pants, wear your slimming black denim. Pair with a printed short or tee and add black suspenders. Printed sneakers and some eye make-up will be a more wearable version of A Clockwork Orange.



Look 2
The next look utilizes the bowler hat instead of the suspenders. Wear a pair printed pants, with tucked in white shirt. Wear a bowler hat and tie a printed scarf on the brim. We would suggest silver moccasins with this look.



Love the looks? You can get more via the Wink n Pout App. They will be specific to your aesthetic sense, body-type and occasion! So try it out, and tell us how you love it!


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