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One Silhouette does not fit all!

Point of view is a bi-monthly section on this blog in which Wink n Pout stylists question standards and popular mindsets. We believe a lot is going haywire in the fashion industry and a sensible change is much needed. We believe it is time to speak up!

One size does not fit all

Clothing brands all over the world surely realize that one size does not fit all. But even that did not happen on the first day. After ready-made clothing started picking up in the late 1920’s it took the industry almost 40 years to standardize women sizing, which of course was improved upon as times changed. But even after almost a century of mass-produced clothing, brands have not come to acknowledge that one silhouette does not fit all either.

Even today when you shop in stores you would see, for example, a baggy boyfriend jeans being available in size XS and also in XXL. Even though, the manufacturers know very well, that a baggy fit is not flattering on the plus-size; a good fit can work wonders instead.

As a consumer, who does not necessarily come from a fashion background or has had studied garments in a design school, it is acceptable that you make fashion mistakes. Yes, you would learn from experience.  But the brands and the designers working with them are already well aware of the fact that one silhouette can’t fit all. Then why perpetuate fashion mistakes and cause the consumers agony? Isn’t consumer satisfaction the very goal of existence of the brand? Then why not take the steps to ensure that you deliver what is right for the consumer.

Currently, it is clear that the designers and brands do not want to utilize all the knowledge that they have gained academically. They want to take the easy way out, keep following the same old rules and not educate the customers.

At first, many years ago, there were no separate sections or brands for the petite and plus-size women too. But once the gap in the market was noticed, there was no looking back. But, it is now time for a more thoughtful mass production plan as well. While ordering quantities for certain silhouettes, the brands know that a certain silhouette sells more in the XL size than XS and they order accordingly. That surely indicates to why a certain size consumer would prefer a certain silhouette – because it is flattering.  Why remain ignorant of this fact?

Doing away with ordering a silhouette in a certain size, on the manufacturing level itself, might at first seem like an odd and move but it will ensure a better service to your consumer. To save the consumer from being puzzled, the marketing team can come up with a good way to let them know the new strategy.

Cumbersome as it may seem now, it will only be fruitful in the end. Brands will get a way higher average order value – when more customers will be happy in their clothes that is bound to happen. It will also result in a more aware market as a whole. After all, women already complain that brands do not make things that flatter them.

One size does not fit all.

Consciously or unconsciously, they have been pointing in the direction of this change, only waiting for brands to hear them out. Anybody listening?


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