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Friendship Day Gift Guide

August is here ladies and so is the first weekend. But if in your packed schedules and busy life, you have forgotten what’s so special this Sunday… let Wink n Pout remind you. It’s the day that you must take out for the BFFs you grew up with, went to school or college with or just met via serendipity. It’s the Sunday to celebrate friendship and who doesn’t love a friend who has been there for you through ups and downs.

Wink n Pout for men will be coming soon on the app, but for now we have put together a thoughtful gift guide for your girlfriends. It is good to show them how special they are to you by putting in some effort into buying them a gift. To buy them a blouse or jeans may not be the best option as you can’t be absolutely sure of the fit and their personal choice sometimes. So what else is left? We tell you 5 fail proof options.

Friendship bands are almost like a tradition. But even if you think it’s so high-school, with the current bracelet stacking trend in vogue you can definitely buy her some grown-up options.

Opt for Classic Black and Gold by Marc Jacobs, multiple fun beige option by Charlotte Russe or the woven chain bracelet by Vince Camuto.



Coin Purse
Of course your girlfriend owns a great bag, a great clutch and all, but she just might be missing a coin purse. A lot of women use the zippers inside their bags for coins. But you can get her a cute coin purse to get her more organized. They also look chic when taken out. Think about it.


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Manicure Set
All girls love manicures, whether your bestie is French manicure kinds or prefers the more fashionable options, is for you to decide. We personally recommend gifting something memorable and what she would maybe think slightly too frivolous to buy. But yes, it should be useful. Ciate Caviar nails and chalkboard nails as well as skulls that can be pasted onto your nails, all fit the bill.



Phone Case
Today, we all love our gadgets and hence we love to personalize and accessorize them just like ourselves. And everybody owns a phone… so go ahead give your BFF a “gadget candy”. While you are on it, you can consider gifting her, her first designer piece as these are more accessible than the rest of their products. If your girlfriend loves her tablet, iPad or Lappy more, get her that case instead.



Gift Card
If all else fails and you just can’t make up your mind for a gift, take the easy but effective route. You would surely know her favorite store where she loves to shop from. Why not surprise her with a gift voucher from that very store. Completely usable, she can buy her own gift and use it whenever she pleases. It can’t get better than this now.



With all that said, Wink n Pout wishes all our users and readers a Happy Friendship day…. After all you are our true friends! And in case you have not started to take advantage of our app and all the free styling benefit it offers… go download it!


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