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Where to go on Friendship Day and what to wear

It is the first Sunday of August tomorrow, we are sure you have plans with your besties. Or maybe you are just about to plan something out and are getting confused. Wink N Pout has got you covered. Yesterday, we gave a Friendship day Gift Guide, as a thoughtful gift goes a long way in letting your BFF know they are special.

Today, let’s talk about 5 places you can take your friend to, to hang out have fun and catch-up. But like all women, we are sure you will drive yourself crazy over what to wear to each of these places. Let us help you in that department as well. As that is what Wink n Pout does – it gives you occasion friendly style advice whenever you need… you have the app in your phone right?

Find a good restaurant or maybe even a café where you two can sit and talk and east delicious food as well. Luncheons are a great way to catch up and spend some quality time with your best friend. Make the reservation in advance though, having to wait for a table gets difficult on days like these.

A casual outing like this one requires a casual yet chic outfit. Here is our pick. This one works great for pear body shape. If you want to know for yours, Wink n Pout app will do the work for you.



Need more options?

What woman does not enjoy shopping right? If you haven’t bought her a gift yet, why not go together? There is nothing quite like shopping with a friend who knows you inside out and give you true advice on your purchase. It saves you from buying a lot of things that you would probably not use later.

Since you are going to be getting in and out of clothes a lot, we have put together a comfortable set. Advice from experience though, unless you are only going dress shopping -don’t wear a maxi or a dress. How will you try on the blouses at each store or pants without the other separate?



Music Concert
Find where your favorite band is playing on Sunday and get the tickets. If it is a concert then great, but even if it’s just your music café, enjoy live music with your BFF. It is a sure way to have some fun and the feeling is never the same as hearing the song on your iPod.

The music circles are usually rebellious and cool. The vibe rubbed off a little bit on our outfit suggestion for you.


PantCrop TopDenim JacketShoe • Necklace

Sometimes all a girl needs is to simply let her hair down and dance the night away. If going out to party is difficult on a Sunday night because of work the next day… why not celebrate a few hours in advance on Saturday night?

We suggest you put a dressy and sexy outfit, feel awesome about yourself and go shake a leg. Make sure the heels are comfortable if you are actually planning to dance a lot. Or else, what the heck take them off!


DressSpiral Ring • Webbed RingShoe

Movie at home
If you and your friend are simply not the going out types – bring the party home. Rent a DVD(if you still use those) or watch a movie online on your TV. Make some popcorn and order your favorite cuisine and celebrate in the comfort of your home.

The comfort of home calls for a super comfortable outfit like the one below. Just relax and enjoy.


TopShortsFlip Flops

So pick one of options and one of the outfits and make this Sunday count!
Happy Friendship Day y’all ! Have a Blast ❤


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