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Trend 2013 : Cami Tops

All our mothers taught us that camisoles are undergarments. You can’t be expected to tuck in your cotton camisole in your jeans and head out for some chores. But the rules of the game are fast changing. If it is silk cami top or anything slightly dressy, be it because of its color, silhouette, print etc. you can wear your Cami top as an outerwear separate trust us!

And since Fall will be approaching soon, if you want to sport this trend, the time is now! Celebrities like Rosie Huntington Whitely, Victoria Beckam, Olivia Palermo have all been spotted in their own versions of the cami trend in recent times.

A similar trend is also noted on the streets as well as among fashion bloggers. But if you are a beginner at this, you would surely need some tips and pointers on how to start wearing this trend. Well, what is Wink n Pout here for!


Tips for wearing Cami Tops

  • Make sure the fabric and look of the garment justifies it being worn as outerwear.
  • Cami Tops can be paired with denim shorts and even dressier shorts.
  • Instead of a blouse or tee, wear a nice camisole inside your blazer. It is way more chic.
  • Wear a single color from head to toe by pairing a matching cami with your pants a la-Rosie. Or else just throw a camisole on with your denim to run some errands.
  • Printed skirts as well as solid color skirts too look beautiful with a cami.
  • If the skirt or shorts are high-waist then why not cross over the crop top trend with camisoles!  You guessed it right… wear a crop Cami. You might come across this in stores or you can DIY as well.

Cami’s with Shorts


Cami’s with Blazers


Cami’s with Pants / Jeans


Cami’s with Skirts


The Crop Camis


Top 6 Camisoles!
There is one for everyone here. We have put together a list of some awesome camisoles that you can fall in love with and include in your wardrobe. Go bright with Tibi and Zara or love neutrals with Topshop. Don’t be afraid of a lace camisole too, when it is in classy black and a peplum silhouette. Only be careful not to expose a lot that it gets embarrassing.


1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 56 

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