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3 ways to wear a Denim Vest

3 ways to wear a Denim Vest

Be it a torn denim pants, a bleached denim shirt or a denim vest, see the common thread, denim has always been associated with the laid-back cool. A denim vest, however, is not something that a lot of us would wear as comfortably as jeans or a denim shirt. But it is easy to style one. Here are 3 quick ways!

• Wear it with a maxi or a summer dress •
Be it your white sun dress or a printed maxi, a denim vest can add a rugged twist to an otherwise feminine piece.

• Wear it with a basic t-shirt •
Denim surely goes well with almost all colors. Pair your white/black/grey or even pastel tee with a denim vest. It is a layering option that works in summers as well. Wear this combination with a skirt, pants or jeans.

• With Crop tees & bralets •
Now this one is a bolder look than the above. But channel a rockstar vibe when you pair your favorite cropped top with a denim vest. For the bottom, we recommend pants or shorts.


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