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Work wear crush: Skirt Suits

Ah! The skirt suit, so lady-like and still so strong.
Can there be a better balance? Well it is a work wear staple which has been around forever but we have recently developed a huge crush on them. Celebrities have been wearing them to work and on the red carpet too. We have put together a guide to wearing them and also give you 5 reasons you should wear the Skirt Suit now.

the skirt suit

Why don a Skirt Suit? Read on

  • It is the business attire that wins in the board room but also lets you stay true to your femininity, bet of both worlds.
  • Now, the skirt in the skirt suit is not limited to the pencil skirt of the past. Many varieties are available and hence there is one for every body type. If you need help with skirt that will suit you, read this
  • This look is easy to transform from day to night. You can add accessories or simply remove the shirt and blazer and wear a dressier blouse.
  • It works even without the blazer, as a shirt tucked in a skirt in case it gets too hot or you are out to grab lunch.
  • Is there a bigger reason than it makes you feel confident and fantastic about yourself? When you feel good, you look good & do good.
  • So once we have you convinced to don a skirt suit, let’s show you our list of favorite ways to wear it.

With Shirts
Skirt suits with your white or black shirts showing through and buttoned up is perfect for work. If you are feeling particularly bold, you can try a printed shirt as well.


Printed Suits
How about going for a printed skirt suit? You think you can make that statement? Opt for stripes or hounds tooth to stay classic or experiment with other geometric and abstract prints. Though, the later will be less suited for work for many people. Also,  do not rule out the floral suits as well.


Faux two-piece suit
We have been noticing this trend catch up. Where your skirt suit appears to be a 2-piece one, it may or may not be 3-piece in real, the trend is to make it look like two. Take a cue from these ladies.


Sheer underneath
This one is bold and beautiful. A great look for the night; this is one way of doing the day to night outfit. You can wear a shirt for the day and replace with a lace or sheer blouse in the evening.


All white suits
Well all white is surely a statement. We loved this look on Mrs. O especially from the campaigns towards the end of last year. You can choose beige, white or bright footwear along.


Towards the other end of the spectrum it is time to go bright. Whether you feel like pink, red or a canary yellow or even electric blue, go bright is the mantra.


So one look is set for work, But what will you do on other days? Confused what to wear? Let the Wink N Pout app help you and give you looks suited to your body-type. Download for free!


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