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Today, instead of simply talking about a single trend or a single issue or look, our editors wanted to feature the Top 5 Styleinspo images that have stood with them in their head for a few days. But what is in it for you? Well, we decode these inspiring looks for you, we tell you how and when you sport them and also we let you “Get the Look”. Win-Win situation right?

Look 1 : White Collar Dress For Work



Why: What impressed us in this look is the simplicity and power that it packs. A white shirt is always a staple for work; from now on remember that so is a white shirt dress!

Where: As we said, wear this combination to work. Button up your shirt dress, wear matching sunglasses, put on a pair of classic black pumps and add a tote of course.

Who: Depending on the type of shirt dress (defines the waist/is low waist etc) and the length this look can work for all body-shapes. Need help with lengths the best lengths? Here you go.

Look 2: Bright and rebellious 



Why: What caught our eye is the vivid bomber jacket and how easily it has been combined with printed denim and a crop top. Who would have thought of that now.

Where: Wear this look on the weekend or while you are headed to a music concert or festival. It is a cool outfit, make sure the occasion matches.

Who: Given its mid-riff baring nature and cutting your torso and legs, we would suggest taller women to go for this look. Also it will look best on toned stomachs, so keep that in mind before donning this look.

Look 3: Elegance of a lady in lace romper



Why: This has to be the most elegant, lady-like and luxury-chic looking outfit on our list. We are unable to pin point if we love the lace romper more, the statement red sunhat or the gold cuffs stack.

Where: Wear this outfit in style to a Derby, or to a rich luncheon or a luxurious resort.

Who: Owing to the length of the romper, it is great to show off your shapely legs. The length will also make you look taller if that is your concern.

Look 4: Feminine in a Floral Skirt



Why: Looking casual and yet feminine and dressed does not come natural to a lot of us. But Vanessa Hudgens in this outfit just shows us how to pull the look off. You take a high waist skater skirt, pair a crop top with it and wear flat ballerinas and a tote.

Where: This look is great while you are off to see some friends, doing your weekend shopping or on a casual date even.

Who: This particular look is great for hourglass and the boyish shape. If you change the neckline to a V, then it works well for the inverted triangles as well as the skater skirt will balance your proportions.

Look 5: Model Off Duty


LOOK123 • 45

Why: Well who can pull off a model off-duty cool look better than a super model herself, Miranda Kerr. With a countless fan following for her style, whenever she is captured on the street we know why.  The way she knots her denim short in this one, and the way her bag does not match her shoes really says a lot about her not trying hard to look cool. She does that, any which ways.

Where: This look works best while you are running your errands, spending some leisure time outdoors or hanging out with your funky friends.

Who: This look, just like the first one, works on most body-types just except the pear as you would not want to add more volume to the bottom.

So did you feel inspired already? Then pump up your fashion quotient ladies! And if you need any help doing it… don’t put yourself through a hassle. Simply download the Wink n Pout app and let it be your personal stylist.


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