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How to Dress for a Big Bust?

The stylists at Wink n Pout have started a series of How To, which addresses the challenge of dressing your best if you fit into certain categories. Last time, we covered How To Dress for Big Thighs & this time around we are letting the well endowed ladies steal some expert tips!

The first and foremost tip is to love your body and not be ashamed of any of the features. If you have a big bust, we are not saying be afraid to show it off in the way you please. We are only telling you ways and ideas to makes your assets look good without any unwanted attention. So if that is you goal, read on.

Necklines for women with a Big Bust
The neckline of your dress or blouse can make a big difference in the appearance of a busty woman. Some of the best necklines that you can wear are listed below:

  • V neck – It might come as a surprise, since you may just have been avoiding this neckline. But a broad V is good for you. The only rule, if it applies to you is to avoid plunging necklines for the day. If you want to wear them, in post cultures it is appropriate during the evening – that too with a slight caution.
  • Sweetheart
  • Empire line
  • Square neck
  • Scoop
  • One Shoulder – This neckline is excellent for big busted women, but make sure you remember to wear the right multi-way bra for support. There is nothing that will kill you look like breasts too down below where they should be, a problem big busted women often face.


The necklines that do not flatter you like the above are listed below.
We suggest you to give these a miss whenever you can.

  • Turtle Necks
  • Crew Neck
  • High neck
  • Boat Neck


The strapless neckline is the grey area. While you can see a lot of celebrities sporting it, and yes it is flattering to large boobs but whether it is right for you or not will depend on one factor – your bra or the quality of support your dress or gown offers. There are very few good strapless bras out there which will support you well keep you uplifted and don’t let your boobs sag. Some brands are beginning to offer a solution with corset like strapless bras.


Sleeve Length for women with a Big Bust
Yes, the sleeve length matters. While sleeveless is a great option if you have toned arms and shoulders, short sleeves which end right in the horizontal line of your bust are a bad option.

Instead choose to go shorter, or longer with 3- quarter sleeves and the like.

The importance of the right Bra for Big Busted Women
Actually the right bra is important for all the women out there, still a whopping 85 % of women wear the wrong bra. But for the well endowed women it becomes all the more important. 

  • The right bra will give you enough support and save you from back-aches.
  • It will eliminate fake back fat and also make you appear several pounds lesser.
  • The ideal bra will lift your boobs such that the nipples will lie in the middle of your shoulders and elbows.
  • Always try on your bra in-store before buying. The trained professionals can guide you to the best fit so ask for it.
  • Minimizer bras aren’t necessary all the time. If you don’t feel right in them just take the full coverage one.

Blouses and Button Downs/shirts for women with a Big Bust
Button-Downs have been a great problem for big busted women. The ones that fit the torso are too tight on the bust and the ones that fit the bust are too loose and shapeless down below. So here we suggest some shirts specially made keeping you in mind. Thankfully there are special brands out there who care.

Applying the rules we just taught you above, here is out selection of blouses as well that will make you look good.


12  3  4  5  6

Dresses for Women with a Big Bust
Whether it is a day dress or evening, we have put together a list of the ones that will work!


1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6

Blazers for Women with a Big Bust
A good blazer is a must-have in your wardrobe. Avoid the varieties that bring attention to where it should not be – read double breasted blazers. To get you started we have put together some styles.


1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6

Shopping Tips for Women with a Big Bust

  • While shopping, always try on two sizes to know which works best for a particular style and brand.
  • The biggest investment of your time that you can do when it comes to fashion is finding a good tailor, seamstress or dry cleaner to alter your garments professionally for you.
  • When buying shirts or blouse, pay attention to the length, as because of the bust it will come shorter on you in reality.
  • Always remember spandex a good idea for you.

Dressing Tips for Women with a Big Bust

  • Scarves, especially the bright and good printed ones can be wrapped around a top if you think your neckline can get un-comfortable.
  • Invest in good quality camisoles that you can wear underneath deep necks if required.
  • You should keep safety pins and magic tape handy, just in case you encounter a situation with your button-down.
  • Cinch that waist! Remember this by heart ladies. A shapeless garment will take you nowhere and make you look fatter than whatever your weight is. So choose styles that cinch the waist, a little or a lot will affect if your breasts get accentuated or not. 


If you loved the Wink n Pout Stylists advice…  you would definitely enjoy the Wink n Pout App where we make dressing up hassle free for you. Download it now – we are friendly to all body-shapes 🙂

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