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Fall 2013 Coat Guide

Last week of August folks, did you feel Fall is already coming knocking to our doors? Soon the chilly weather will be back and your coat will pretty much be your best friend. It will keep you warm, it will keep you looking fashionable even when you are forced to button it all up, hiding every single layer beneath it.

So when the coat is so important, it always pays to put in some thought. We covered the general Fall Trends on this very blog a while back… but now it’s time we get into the details and dole out our tips for the season little by little. So first, we chose the biggest investment of fall… a coat. So here are 7 Coat Trends for fall 2013, and we give you pricey and economical shopping options both!


Steal Mango • Splurge Thakoon

To slouch in your coat is officially a trend this season. You can afford to sink into all those warm layers, fashionably. We sure will show how later, the very specific ways and tricks to do just that. But for now, pick one – Will you invest in Thakoon’s animal print coat or Purchase Mango’s?


Steal J Crew • Splurge Joseph

Yes, you can expect fashionable women sporting the lightest and brightest hues of pink in the cold weather this year. If you think it is a little too bold.. let us ask you this – do you wear a pink dress? If yes then long coats are practically the dresses of winters. Give it a thought!


Steal Mango • Splurge 3.1 Philip Lim

Yes, the Trench being a classic hardly ever goes out of style any season. It just gets re-invented in many ways that’s all. This means a trench in a classic color is an investment that will see you through many seasons. So which one is it going to be – 3.1 Philip Lim or Mango?


Steal Hobbs • Splurge Michael Kors

Believe you me, you are going to see this specific hue a lot in the coming months. Doesn’t it make sense then to have a long coat in the color? And it is brighter than the average blue but still very workable in your lifestyle, even if you tend to stick to the classics. Give it a shot!


Steal Oasis • Splurge Burberry

Toggle coats keep going back and forth. This season they are very much forth and in our view they are a happy mix of sporty and dressed. We chose classics for you from Burberry Brit and Oasis.

Fur ParkasImage

Splurge Mr & Mrs Furs • Steal Label Lab

Talk about sporty, and here we have parkas with us. But remember ladies, it is perfectly OK to wear parkas over evening dresses and gowns. Rules have changed. It’s the new cool for a couple of seasons now. The addition we loved this season is the fur hoodie to the parka… nice and warm!


Steal Zara • Splurge Stella

The final trend is the classic, yes the classic long coat. That will probably stay with you forever and ever and go with everything in your wardrobe. One thing you can bet on is its versatility. So, Stella Mc Cartney or Zara?

Ok so you have the coat now, but who will help you decide things to wear it with? Who else than Wink N Pout? Just tell us where you are going and we will give you a look! Go download the app 🙂


One thought on “Fall 2013 Coat Guide

  1. As side from shoes, I am a coat fanatic! I’m currently on the hunt for a few new winter coats and I’m trying to stop drooling over the royal blue options as well as the fur parkas. Thanks for this post! 🙂

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