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Back to School Essentials

For some of you new school year is starting this Fall right after Labor’s Day. And we are sure you are already excited about your back to school outfit. You are adding to your wardrobe, looking for inspiration and also waiting for the big sale maybe. But what are some essentials that you need to have this season?

Well guess what an essential list is right here. But in our teen years, we were so characteristically different from each other. And we loved to let our personality shine through our garments. That does happen in adult life as well, but school was different. Oh how we loved it!

So anyhow, which one are you? Are you the fashionista who loves to sport the latest trendiest pieces? Or are you an Indie lover who always looks at the alternate and loves vintage as well? Or last do you love to be a tom boy and have a hint of androgyny in your outfits? We got you all covered, and that too on a budget! So, no super expensive designer stuff here…only sensible, economically viable and stylish recommendations.



Fashionista 1 • Indie 2 • Tom Boy 3

New shoes makes anybody’s day right. Make your whole season by investing in a good pair. For the fashionistas we pick up the clear trend and the block heel. Indie lovers say hello to floral print booties, for that little bit of spring even in fall. And if you are a tom boy stay right on trend with cobalt blue moccasins. The hue will be a huge hit this season!



Fashionista 1 • Indie 2 • TomBoy 3

A new nice bag will instantly complete and elevate your outfit. So which one is it going to be? Fashionistas can pick a stylish small backpack, in black and white ofcourse. Indie lovers would definitely love a laser cut cross body bag in brown – versatile and has a great character. If you are a tom boy then go for this skull printed canvas tote. It would surely match your style.

Button Downs


Fashionista 1 • Indie 2 • TomBoy 3

They are a must-have in school wardrobe. They can dress you up or dress you down when worn open with a tank or tee shirt. Fashionistas can go for this halfway printed shirt which speaks trendy. Indie lovers can use the grunge trend to their advantage and sport a plain front-tie button down. A dip-dye denim shirt is the best bet for the tom boy.



Fashionista polka dots l stripes 1 • Indie 2 • TomBoy 3

No look is complete without adding accessories. And no we won’t talk about jewelry but other accessories that add a dimension to your look. Fashionistas it is time to bring out the Clueless in you and sport knee high socks. Indie lovers can rock any outfit with an orange and gold intricate belt. The Tom Boys can have their swag in an embellished baseball cap.

So that brings our essentials list to an end. But since you are starting school again there will be so many occasions to be dressed up for… catching up with friends, going to parties etc. Why don’t you download the Wink n Pout App which can transform your phone into a personal stylist and suggest you great outfits!


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