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Are pumps really the power heel?

Power dressing, a way to lend some visual power to both sexes in the work environment is nothing alien today. But this concept became even more relevant to women, as they needed a certain way of dressing to aid them in breaking into the field and become equal at the workplace. But it was not until the 70s and 80s that this concept of dressing for success and power dressing came to be popular.

power heel

The whole idea behind it is to give the wearer an authoritative and competent look on the outside while also boosting confidence on the inside. And it does happen, when you dress sloppily you feel casual and at ease. Wear a tailored suit and you would instantly “feel” responsible.

But what does not fit the equation, is the power heel or the power shoe. Pumps have been universally accepted as the power shoe for work. Sure, the minute you wear heels you “feel” in power, capable and influential. But what happens after an hour of wearing them? Honestly, can you walk properly?

If your heels are somehow very comfortable, let’s say how you feel after 3-4 hours? Frankly, we have been there and we feel POWERLESS. All we long for is to reach the privacy of our desk and take the monsters off. God forbid, if its presentation day and you are standing up and giving your presentation, trying to give your best while your feet are continually sending signals to your brain to stop torturing them. How do you concentrate? How do you stay in power?

The amount of pressure that is on the balls of your feet while wearing 3 inch heels is equivalent to the pressure on them while running. No one runs for so many straight hours now. Poor feet, we pity them now.

Power heel

So, what do you think is the conspiracy behind pumps becoming the power heel and leaving flats, wedges, block heels and everything else out of the office door – if you want to look powerful that is. Is it all about looking? Is it not about feeling?

The Wink n Pout team often debates on the issue and there are days when some of us would show up in flats and some in pumps just to check one more time how it feels. Some of us love pumps as the power heel despite their hurting, but silently praying they were comfortable and taking “bare foot” breaks through the day. While some of us are already wearing alternatives.

So, for the love and good of all woman kind in general – who love their pumps and who don’t we have found a middle ground. A new guide of must have power shoes that is a mix of comfortable pumps, flats, wedges, block heels and such. We had to do this, and hopefully many of you will benefit from it! So tune back in tomorrow to catch our “Intelligent Woman’s guide to Power Shoes”

And don’t forget to tell us your experience with pumps in the office. Which side do you belong to? We would love to know!

Love us? Show us! Download the Wink n Pout App and welcome yourself into the world of dressing for your body-type and having a personal stylist in your phone 24X7.


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