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The Best Power shoes: Comfortable Pumps, Flats, block heels & more

Yesterday we debated against only pumps being termed as the “Power Shoe”. It is an unfair norm, dated and in fact renders women powerless. But if you thought we would leave all you women who agree with us, just with the debate… we won’t, we can’t.

If we are divided upon pumps in office, then what do we really recommend that ladies wear to their work space? You got to wear something right. So categorically we present to you best out there, and for every budget and workplace. We wouldn’t advise you to abstain the pumps, only show you some comfortable options and brands that women out there really recommend and find comfortable in real life. But even comfortable pumps everyday do not work, hence a lot of alternatives! From wedges, flats, oxfords and block heels, it is time you opened up your eyes (er! feet) to many possibilities.




The regular ballet flats may appear too casual for office, quite away from being the power shoe. But as soon as you start looking at pointy-toe flats, your perception starts to change. Have a look and you will agree! Wear these with your pants, or pencil skirts or A-line, they will remain good.




Men wear them to work, you can too. When you can wear the suit, remember it is ok to pair oxfords with pants and suits. And who can complain when there are so many trendy options available, including oxfords with heels.

Block Heels



Trust us, when we say short block heels offer better support than pointed heels. And they serve the purpose of lifting you up, as well as keep you comfortable. Be it a mere 1” or upto 3”, choose it according to your personal requirement.




Wedges too are a great option for work. The best of both worlds they will look good with all your outfits and be gentle to your feet as well.  Again, heights vary but in comparison to a  3” block/pencil heel a 3” platform heel will fare much better if you are purchasing the right brand.

Comfortable Pumps



Now, at the end let us also talk about COMFORTABLE pumps. Yes, even amongst our own team some of jut love our pumps too much. So we had to include this option for all of you out there. So wear pumps, but comfortable ones. While the very pricey choices are Christian Louboutin and the like, but what is a girl to do to get a more medium or affordable comfortable pair? Look at brands like Hush Puppies Soft Style, Taryn Rose, Cole Haan Nike Air and Donald J Pliner.

The woes do not end at shoes. What to wear is a big question too! Let the Wink n Pout App help you! Download it here.


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