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Wear floral prints to work

Floral prints in their many avatars, never fail to stay on top of fashion trend charts. But did you notice how mainstream they have become now? Yes, they still feel like a statement, but they are mainstream enough to be worn at work; Classic enough to be counted as professional chic. So have we worn your floral piece to work yet? Or do you just need the slight inspiration nudge from Wink N Pout to make you do it. Well, if it’s the latter what are we here for. Let’s see all the ways real people can wear floral prints to work!

Floral Pants

Statement pants in all kinds of prints available are becoming acceptable at work. No, they do not have to be solid color or pin striped only.

  • If you are unsure, wear a spaced out floral print. Or try wearing it on a Friday once.
  • Simply team your floral pant with a solid color button down or blouse. If you are feeling bold, wear print on print; here are the rules of doing it right.
  • For adding even more professional touch to your look, add a blazer.

Floral Skirts

Just like pants, skirts are a staple for work. And just like floral pants, floral skirts work as well.

  • Since most women can carry off an A-line, try a floral print skirt in that silhouette.
  • Pleated, pencil and floral midi skirt can all be worn to office as well. Be skeptical of the floral maxi skirt though.
  • Find a more abstract floral version, or something with just a floral border if you are starting out.

Floral Blazer

A bold color statement blazer? Nah! A floral one is more like it!

  • Wear the Floral Blazer over a solid or printed dress or simply over your favorite colored pants.
  • You can dress even your denim on Casual Friday with a Floral Blazer.
  • Take a light color blazer, with less contrast of flowers on top, if you fear looking too jazzed up.

Floral Blouses and Button DownsImage

The easiest to wear and surely an investment piece for all seasons. So what are you waiting for?

  • You can make a silk, satin or even chiffon floral blazer or button down work for office.
  • Pair with dark washed denim, your pants or skirts. Try tucking it in and also pulled out to see what looks better.
  • For a subdued look try a pastel color combination. You can go head to toe in same color as well.

Floral Dress

Your collection of work wear dresses can surely use some fun floral prints. Who said it had to be boring? Just style it the right way, choose and appropriate length and style – and you are good.

  • If you feel confident enough to carry the dress without any additions, simply add a statement necklace and solid colored accessories.
  • If you need to slightly tone it down a cashmere sweater or blazer is your answer. Also, don’t be afraid to belt it up if required.
  • An offbeat way to wear the floral dress is by layer a classic white button down underneath it. It will instantly start looking professional. Be careful that is the right neckline though – square, round, scoop work well though sweet heart usually does not.

For the Bold: Floral SuitsImage

If your work environment is fashionably forward and bold, then you should definitely rub some of it off on yourself. Allow yourself be introduced to floral suits.

  • Now, they are available in many a forms – from floral pant suits, skirt suits to short suits. Which one is it going to be for you will depend on your workplace.
  • When donning this look, be careful to choose the dominant color as the one that suits you well. Which are the colors you love yourself in and get a lot of compliments on? Think about it.
  • Keep the rest of the separates simple, solid color button down or blouse or a sweater. Repeat for the accessories.
  • Add a belt to your blouse or pants if required.

For the Meek: Floral AccessoriesImage

If you are still not convinced and all of the above options fail for you, we still haven’t played our last card yet. Floral accessories! Now these are possible to pull off by anybody and everybody out there. So give it a shot!

  • When your outfit feels incomplete, and you just don’t want to add a necklace a floral scarf it is. If you worry about your blouse exposing too much at work, then too this comes handy.
  • Or else try some floral pumps or moccasins on. Wear them to work, or carry a floral bag or clutch.
  • Last let floral bangles adorn your wrists. Stack a watch too along for extra brownie points.

So if your mind is made up and you need some more guidance about the possible looks, specially for you, for your body shape, we are happy to point you to the Wink n Pout App.

❤ Happy Dressing ❤
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