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Transition to Fall: Take your summer wardrobe along

Personally we, at Wink n Pout, love to purchase clothes that can be worn all year long in some way. They truly feel like the pieces worthy of an investment. We urge you to consider taking some of your summer staples with you into this fall/winter. After all, layering is a god send, and that truly allows you to use your summer clothing in winter.

But, let’s talk beyond only using your blouses and tops for layering. There is so much more you can do. And with Wink n Pout you will be never short of inspiration.

Summer Skirts
summer clothes in winters

Be it a skater skirt, a feminine maxi skirt (pleated or chiffon you get the idea right) or even a pencil floral skirt; you can wear it all in the cold with one magic separate – leggings. Well, leggings and stockings to be precise.

Layer the skirt with chunky sweaters tucked in, or a long coat and a cashmere sweater. Blazers, leather jackets and even fur vests can be worn with skirts in winter.

summer clothes in winter

Denim shorts, brocade shorts or evening shorts in silk etc. can work in winters on the same principle.
If you particularly want a “pant-like” look, opt for black shorts, black leggings and black boots.

Button Downs
summer clothes in winters

Your button downs be it classic white, checks (specially hot this season) or chambray and denim will great under sweaters.

If it is not too cold in your part of the world, try just throwing an overcoat over your shirt and jeans combo.

Another interesting way is to wear a tee, a shirt with it buttons open and a cashmere sweater or blazer again with its buttons open. With just the shirt showing a little, it will create a unique layering effect.

Maxi dresses
summer clothes in winters

Pair your summer maxi with a long over coat, long sweaters or even leather jackets. If it gets very cold, you can even wear a sweater on top or warm leggings inside that do not show through.

summer clothes in winters

Your short dresses or midi dresses can be worn with leggings and stockings as well in fall winter. If it is a colorful one, it will add the dash of color that the dull winter months require. Add, scarves, fur, beanies, hat or anything else fancy that you like.

White Pants
summer clothes in winters

We have been going on and on about winter whites for a few posts now. So, hopefully it is obvious that we will ask you to not pack away your white jeans or trousers. Wear them with black or a beautiful powder blue or even the latest pink overcoat.

Pastel Pants
summer clothes in winters

Pastels are not just for summers. They look lovely when it’s colder. Wear your pastel pants with leather jacket, a pastel blazer or grey sweaters or furs. You are bound to look lovely.

summer clothes in winters

Winter is not just about chunky woolen scarves. Sure they look nice, but the vivid prints of summer are hardly any match. So why don’t you wear them both this winter. And, no wrapping the scarf around your neck is not the only option. You can tie on your head too… Trust us!

So ladies, we hope we gave you several more reasons to hang onto your summer closet a little longer. Have fun this Fall-Winter!

❤ Happy Dressing ❤
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