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Fall 2013 Wearable looks

If you look closely, even runways showcase looks that you can wear in real life – ready styled by the top in the game. But Wink n Pout Stylists look for you, so that you don’t have to invest your on time. Instead, simply go through our curated runway looks for Fall 2013.

We mention tips and tricks along so that you pull it off just right. But also look out for detailed trend posts all through Fall/Winter which will give you insights into just exactly how to pull off trends this season like the oversized coat. This is just a start.

White WhiteImage

White in winters is beautiful and it is still going to be strong this season.

  • You can wear winter white by pairing up a cable knit sweater and your favorite white trousers.
  • If you do not want the look to be very slouchy, opt for tailored trousers.
  • Winter white can also be worn with your little white dress and a white over coat on top. Wear a turtleneck sweater inside if you must. Though this one is only applicable for states which are less chilly.
  • Black accessories with winter white is a good way to go.

Belt it upImage

The waist takes centre stage even in the chilly weather.

  • Use a contrasting waist belt to define a sweater worn over a midi skirt.
  • Knot a contrasting belt on your natural waist over any overcoat to define the silhouette.
  • Belts and shoes do not need to match, it is really optional now.

Turtle NeckImage

Well, welcome back turtle necks!!

  • Match a turtle neck sweater with your pants and wear it under a zipped-up jacket. Pull back your hair, off your face to look neat.
  • Do the black and white with black leather pants, a white turtle neck sweater and an elbow sleeves tunic. You can replace the leather pants with thigh high leather boots if you dare so, they are hot this season.

Volume with leggingsImage

Skinny leggings or jeggings need a volume overdose this season.

  • Think a bright oversized cardigan over your basic black leggings, it is the perfect slouch-chic.
  • For a more tailored approach, go for a head to toe black and belt up your volume overcoat at the waist. If is it a high-low hem, then all the better.

Double OuterwearImage

This one would really depend if your outerwear is actually a size bigger can accommodate another one inside.

  • Layer a lot. Turtle neck inside with a white button down tucked into your trousers. Wear a long over coat and a shorter leather jacket over it.
  • Be the woman with two coats. Button one up, wear the other one open.

Color BlockingImage

C’mon now don’t be so boring in winters, play with colors!

  • Update your color block dress from summers with an overcoat in a complimentary color.
  • Mix warm and cold colors. A tan brown pants with a mauve sweater and deep teal blazer is a good idea!

Spruce up your suitImage

First, move beyond the plain suit and second wear it nicely.

  • A classic suit with checks can look trendy with a statement sweater underneath. The pop of color at neck is a winner.
  • Wear your patterned suit open and mix it up with a patterned sweater underneath.

Skirts and SweatersImage

Skirts and sweaters are hip again.

  • Pair an oversized sweater with a fitted pencil skirt to get the best of both worlds. Wear your layers underneath the sweater.
  • An A-line skirt with a sweater is also very chic. Be aware of the best length of the skirt for you though.

Your Black LeggingsImage

Yay! for the black leggings and them remaining fashionable.

  • Wear your black leggings with a black leather skater skirt and a cable knit sweater belted at the waist. Add a cap.
  • Black leggings under your midi dress and a long coat will be a very lady-like option. Try it!

Jewel TonesImage

Say yes to the jewel tones of emerald green, ruby, amethyst etc.

  • Wear a deep emerald green dress or a sweater and skirt combo during the day. Add a fur scarf for the evening.
  • Invest in a jeweled colored dress for the holiday season ahead.

Short Sweater Long ShirtImage

The heading says it all, and we are sure this is one look that will be simple for everyone to try.

  • Brown sweater with a longer blue shirt and printed pants can look great in office.
  • Though, the second look is from the Spring shows it is perfect for fall. Match your shirt with your pants, and wear a bright sweater on top.


Wear beanies with everything this fall, even with dresses and you would not be a geek!

  • Wear a plain beanie with a bold printed sweater. Straighten your though.
  • A beanie will look good even with a dress and overcoat combination.

So, that was our round-up for this fall’s most wearable looks straight off the runway. Let us know which ones you loved and plan to wear.

❤ Happy Dressing ❤
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