6 DIYs for the Fall 2013 Embellished Trend

In our last post, we talked about the bejeweled trend for fall and shared with you our inspirations as well as tips. But let’s take this forward today. Did you think you would need to spend a lot of money to get all those separates? Well, let us not dent your pockets and give you a list of our favorite DIYs to achieve the looks for less and just with a little effort.

1. DIY Embellished Phone Cover
We all love our phones and like them to be as dressed up as ourselves. So can’t they be studded and embellished right? If you have got some flat base studs, you can stick them on to your hard phone cover. Color them with nail paints and make an interesting pattern.

If your studs however are not flat and need to pierced, simply use a rubber cover like shown in the next picture. Simple!

embellished iPhone covers
DIY Beaded Nails Via RunwayDIY
Not so keen on the huge stones and gems kind of embellishment? Well we have a wonderful alternative in the form of beaded nails. After all, we all have a streak of punk in us. Follow these steps, and also know that you can get creative with the placement of beads. You could place them randomly, make a boundary of them or even just fill up your nail tips with it. Your choice!

embellished nails

embellished nails

DIY Jeweled Beanie Via 4wmn
We have been mentioning the jeweled beanie a lot now, and that is only because we just can’t wait to wear it ourselves as well. Now there are a lot of ways to DIY the jeweled beanie. You could sew sequins and gems on or even glue them together. You just need some inspiration.

But apart from those regular methods, the one that is quick and temporary is using a brooch. How clever right!

diy jeweled beanies


DIY Embellished Mittens from Socks Via Shelterness
Yes, you heard it right you can use your extra pair of socks to make yourself fingerless mittens. We find them pretty comfortable personally. So just cut them right with a pair of scissors and sew your embellishments on!





DIY Embellished Belt Via whowhatwear
Now this one is a statement piece so strong that it will update your favorite LBD for Holidays. Not for the faint hearted, you can go as bold as you like in this one since it incorporates so many elements. And as you can see, silver, gold, pearls everything can work well together.

main.original.466x530 (1)main.original.466x530 main.original.466x530 (2) main.original.466x530 (3) main.original.466x530 (4) main.original.466x530 (5)

DIY Embellished Hair Pins
A great update for any pins that you are using for your hairstyles. The only pre-requisite is that they should have a flat base to stick the stones on. We loved this placement like leaves on a branch in emerald color. Simply marvelous right?


So are your creative juices flowing already? Put them to use. And also, as you may have noticed, we have covered all the embellishing techniques here through the DIYs. So you can use them to make your embellished skirts, pants, hat… anything ! Just get some inspiration and get going!


❤ Happy DIY time ❤


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