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How to wear a Midi Skirt : Petite Edition

While Style chatting on Twitter this Wednesday (you must join us next week BTW) we asked our friends if they preferred a midi skirt or skater. Though there were a lot of takers for the midi and skater both, petite women favored skater skirts. After all, the rules that have been set till now almost banish petite women from wearing the midi length.


Many women from experience know that midi skirts or even dresses make them look shorter and stout; A recipe for disaster. But what if we told you that if you wore it right it is possible to rock a midi skirt? In our app, we do not have a “Don’t” section, even after being stylists who believe in dressing up for your body type. That is because, we take it as a challenge, we do not like to hear do not wear this or that!

So, without much ado let’s just straight away move to our guide to wearing the midi skirt if you are a petite. After all, on the inside, we all want to sport this fall trend.

Length of the Midi
Let’s talk about the length of the midi first, as it is the biggest question. We would like to say there is a fool proof way to find out you perfect length, but there is only a guideline.

  • If you consider your calves meaty, you will be better off with just below the knee length or 2-3 inch below your thickest point at calf.
  • If you have comparatively thin and shapely legs, the thickest part of your calf is of course not that thick; and can look good with the true midi length hitting there. But just below the knee works too.
  • Make sure you try different lengths in store, click your own picture and compare! Be truthful.
  • If you find a beautiful midi skirt which just appears a little longer, consider buying it if you have a good tailor or dry cleaner to alter it for you. This way in fact, you can get the perfect length for yourself.

Do’s of styling a midi skirt for petite

  • Take your waist higher. Opt for a high waist midi.
  • At all times, tuck in your blouse or button down. Crop tops with high waist work as well, as they will only show off a slight skin.
  • A midi skirt in nude color is a great idea to not chop your legs.
  • You can also pull off a same color head-to-toe look while wearing your midi skirt. It will again lengthen you body.
  • Heels, even id just 2” will elevate you a little and are perfect companion of the midi skirt for petite.
  • Nude pumps again will rock, if they match the rest of the attire.
  • Think about matching your top with your long boots and a different color skirt in between.  Your body will appear in one single color with a break in between, but still elongating.
  • You can even choose a midi skirt with a high slit, showing off at least one of your legs.

Here are petite celebrities and other people, working the midi skirt on the above points.


Don’ts of styling a midi skirt for petite

  • By no means shall you wear an ankle strap or booties with your look.  Unless the ankle strap is nude, you will end up looking shorter.
  • If you are an apple shape, refrain from highlighting your waist even when the blouse is tucked in. No statement belts. Head to toe single color is best for you.
  • Very high volume can consume your little frame. It even happened to Ashley Olsen so beware. Mostly, an A-line or pencil will be better on you than a full skirt.
  • We know sweater with midi skirt is making waves, but it will bring your waist lower. So don’t do it.
  • The same effect will be given by a long contrasting blazer. Wear a crop jacket instead or a long coat only slightly above your hem.

And here are pictures of what you should NOT do.


So, go ahead our petite friends – wear the midi skirt! Do let us know how it went.

❤ Happy Dressing ❤

17 thoughts on “How to wear a Midi Skirt : Petite Edition

    • Thank you so much Eszter ! We missed your comment somehow.. but feel very glad that this post helped you! We will continue to put great content out there.. so yes stick around 🙂 We are headed to check out your blog as well now! 🙂

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  5. I couldn’t have found this at a better time! I’m currently debating whether or not to purchase a beautiful vintage silk midi skirt tomorrow but I am so scared that I will look horrid in it. Your tips have given me some more confidence and now I can go out and get the gorgeous skirt! Thank you ♡

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