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Fashion Math: Pear

Continuing our series to explain the logic behind what suits your body and what doesn’t, today we discuss the pear body shape. Yesterday it was about the hourglass figure, and if you haven’t read it yet, you must.

But now let’s discuss a gorgeous pear!


The naked truth – the body
If you are a pear shaped woman-

  • Your bust is narrower than your hip measurement. If you can think it in terms of the fruit ‘pear’ narrow at top and heavy at bottom, that is you. But in terms of geometry, simply think of a triangle with its base at your hips.
  • You might feel, out of proportion due to the difference in hip and bust, but let us assure you that you indeed are beautiful and look lovely. What’s more, your clothes can help you achieve that balance visually. But it is foremost to love your body and we can’t repeat that enough.
  • Balancing is possible when you widen your shoulders and top half in general, but not the waist – define it well! Think of it like adding width around the tip of the triangle but without making it boxy.
  • Another mistake you can do is hiding your curves, they are flaunt-worthy so do that!


Understanding the self
Now, that you know the geometry of your body and how you should work with it, it is time to know the garments that work for you and why.

  • Ruffles, Let your feminine streak shine as ruffles are your best friend, drawing attention to the narrow tip of the triangle obviously takes eyes off the widest part. Secondly, to some extent it tries to balance the volume.
  • Embellished neckline (crew, collar, anything) – working on the same principle of drawing the eye upwards as above, embellished necklines are your friends. So let go off the boring and live a little, in favor of looking good.
  • V neck, Trust us when we say this is a neckline that flatters most people and yet it remains under used. The width that this neckline reduces can be balanced out with sleeves (read below) but the drawing-the-eye-upward property that is neckline possesses is pretty amazing.
  • Boat Neck, This neckline reveals your shoulder, almost as much as it can and adds width to the tip of the triangle in your body. This in turn balances out the widest part and hence is flattering.
  • Puffed sleeves and strong shoulders, If the neckline is not adding any width, garments with strong shoulders (with shoulder pads inserted) or puffed sleeves will balance out the widest part of the triangle beautifully.
  • A-line Skirts and full circle skirts, You would think, they would add more width to the bottom, but consider this, an A-line skirt will firstly define the waist, as any skirt does. Secondly the width at the hem, being greater than that of hips or the widest part of the triangle will make it look narrower in comparison. Ditto for narrow looking legs. Though a word of caution before choosing your skirt length. Read this
  • Wrap Dresses, They combine the properties of a V neck, defining waist, adding slight volume to the bust with the gathers created and flowing on the rest of the curves beautifully. Do we need to say more?
  • Straight leg pants, As narrow the hem of your trousers, as prominent the width of the top triangle of your body will be. Going straight leg, such that the hem is almost equal to your calf’s width will e very flattering.
  • Flared Bottom Pants, Don’t shy away from flared pants either as the width of the hem will balance out the widest base of the triangle. But choose the flare well, and with information to save yourself from being termed non-trendy.

Your Capsule wardrobe


1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 89


1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 67

Make them work
Skinny jeans for the pear shape

  • Since we advocated straight leg and flare for you above as they would be the most flattering, we do not want to not wear the skinny jeans if you want. Follow the rules and you can pull them off.
  • Choose darker colors, dark washes or solids.
  • Stay away from whiskering near the crotch or a light wash on the thigh or rear. Instead look for alternatives, if you want to wear washed, in which the calves will e lightly washed. This tip will go a long way.
  • If your pants or jeans or low or medium waist, avoid tucking a shirt in and wearing a belt. It will emphasize the width there.
  • Remember defining the natural waist is good for you and hence choose a blouse which does that and also is slightly width adding on the shoulders.
  • Match your shoes with your pants, in order to not draw attention to the narrow measurements at ankle. It will also add length to your legs.
  • Adding length skims curves, so if you can, pair the look with heels. It will look far better than flats.

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