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Fashion Math: Apple Shape

The beautiful apple shape is the second last that we are covering on the fashion math series. By this series we are hoping to reduce your frustration while dressing up for your body-shape and also from trying to memorize what works when you can instead learn the logic behind it and remember it forever. So let’s begin today’s post.


The naked truth – the body
If you are an apple shaped woman

  • You will have a rounded waist but beautifully sculpted leg in comparison. That is an asset.
  • Imagine a diamond geometric figure with its widest part at your waist.
  • Besides that width, you body seems to be converging in both directions. So you also can flaunt your toned shoulders and arms.
  • Define the waist and narrow it by camouflaging the muffin top is one the most important points to keep in mind while dressing yourself up.
  • But by camouflaging we do not encourage shapeless clothing but well-fitted garments.



Understanding the self
Now, that you know the geometry of your body and how you should work with it, it is time to know the garments that work for you and why.

  • Shoulder Details Neck Embellishments – Be it dresses, blouses or button downs, this trick will let you draw the eye to the neck and face, where the narrowest part of the diamond is.
  • V neck – We have discussed it before that how it creates the illusion of narrow waist. And since that is one of the features you are looking for in your garments, it is perfect for you as well.
  • Flared Sleeves – These are good for you since they will help keep attention to your bust and toned arms. Playing up your assets is all it takes to dress well for an apple.
  • Pleats and gathers in your blouses, the right amount and at the right place will skim over your bust and the rounded waist. A belt will help define it as well. But be sure not to add volume, remember the purpose is camouflaging and not making you boxy.
  • Empire lines – choose these in dresses as well as blouses to trim your waist. Think about it this way, that instead of the widest part of the diamond you are emphasizing a narrower part of it. And hence it is flattering.
  • V neck wrap dresses – The neckline is clearly good for you and since a wrap dress draws attention to the waist and flows smoothly below it, it is a good choice. Remember any body-hugging clothes will do more harm to your shape than good if you are not a slim apple shaped woman.
  • Boot cuts straight fits add volume to your thin legs and give a balancing act to the rounded waist. If it weren’t for them, the difference in proportions of your ankles and waist will be emphasized. We want to visually decrease the difference and not increase it.
  • A line skirt – It works for you for the simple reason of adding a wider width visually than your waist. But remember not to don skirts with thick bands or contrasting ones. You are better off by not drawing attention to the widest part of your waist.
  • Skimming blazers – blazers without unnecessary details around the waist, but tailored and well fitted are good for you. You can also go for emphasized shoulders.



1 Grey • 2 Printed and white • 3 Black wrap style • 4 Black shoulder detailed top • 5 Peter Pan collar  • 6 Orange Top • 7 Empire Line dress • 8 Kaftan Top • 9 Soft Teal – lace back dress  • 10 Black & Mustard Dress • 11 Blazer • 12 Pink pants • 13 Printed Pants • 14 Printed Skirt15 Navy Midi Skirt


Make them work
Skinny jeans for apple

We talked about how straight fir and flared pants are good for you. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear skinny jeans if you wanted to. You can with these tips in mind.

  • Skinny jeans with a body-hugging blouse / tee / tank s out of bounds and will not be flattering.
  • Instead try fluid tunics, kaftan blouses or the ones with pleats like we mentioned before.
  • If you have sculpted but chunkier legs, black skinnies are fine otherwise choose a different color. Experiment with pastel skinnies or oxblood and burgundy for fall.
  • Throw over a black blazer with your louse to skim your upper half even more with skinny jeans.

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