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Fashion Math: Sporty Ruler Or Boyish Shape

Today brings us to a close of our Fashion Math series with talking about the Sporty ruler or the Boyish shape. Our stylists at Wink n Pout hope that by the end of this series all women of all body shapes will be able to choose better clothing themselves to look better and feel better. It definitely is a goof day when you feel happy ain’t it?

And we at Wink n Pout believe that all body shapes are REAL, unlike those quotes going around that Curves are Real… so on and so forth. For us, being a boyish shape is as much real as an hourglass. So let’s begin to talk about the most misunderstood body shape of them all.


The naked truth – the body
If you are a sporty ruler shaped woman –

  • Your most identifiable feature will be a sort of an undistinguishable waist curve. In order words, in terms of geometry you are similar to a rectangle, with the width of your bust, wait and hip as almost equal.
  • Even though the name is boyish shape, you are very much a woman and by defining your waist through clothes you will be dressing for your body type.
  • But also, due to your shape you can carry off androgynous trends very well. And don’t worry as a lot of models and celebrities too are boyish shape and they look lovely. So leave it to us to tell you how you can be both feminine and androgynous whenever you want.
  • You have toned legs and toned arms and you must use this to your advantage while dressing up.
  • Your mantra  is to emphasize and minimize, specially your waist.


Understanding the self
Now, that you know the geometry of your body and how you should work with it, it is time to know the garments that work for you and why. Now the first kind of garments we will discuss are the ones which will define your waist

  • Ruffles, large collars, puffed sleeves – Adding slightly more volume and curve to your shoulders or bust will automatically make the waist look narrower in comparison. The logic is simple, for the geometric rectangle we just described above, you add a triangle which is wider on top but converges at the waist. That can be done with well fitted garments and not boxy ones which add volume.
  • V necks – It is back again as it will create illusion for a narrower waist.
  • Empire lines – This neckline, be it blouses or dressed will add curve to the bust, show off your neckline and narrow the waist. When wearing an empire line dress, it will add volume to the bust as well as to your flat bottom and define waist.
  • Peplum – A peplum’s effect changes with neckline. If you are not busty, go for a crew neck which will add volume to the bust, cinch at waist and again will add volume below. Overall your waist will look defined and hence you create illusion of curves. If you are busty however, look for sweetheart neckline or V neckline peplum

The next way to dress your torso is to direct the eye towards the neck and face. Besides the below garments it is also helpful to wear a statement necklace or earrings.

  • Deep Scoops – They draw the eye toward the neck and the face leaving the width of your waist alone.
  • One shoulder necklines – Showing off you’re your shoulders and arms will be a good idea to take the eye upwards. Also, if the waist is defined along with it, it is a divine combination.
  • Button Downs – Classic button downs are perfect to channels some androgyny. You can opt for V necks in this too and statement pockets if you are not busty.
  • Belts – Seriously these are your best friends when you define your natural waist toad curve.
  • Bright colors and patterns add volume to the bottom and tone down flatness of your bottom
  • A line skirts – Adding volume, by adding a wider hem than your waist will illusion it into looking narrower.
  • Full Skirts – Full skirts perform the same function as A-line just in a more dramatizing way. So if you are up for the dramatization, so are we.
  • Boot cuts – With their varying levels, boot cuts actually suit almost all body types. Don’t go overboard with the flare. Only slight will e enough for you.
  • Straight fit – Flattering on you owing to balancing the width of the torso slightly.
  • Skinny Jeans – Paired with the right things (say a button down or peplum – one androgynous and one feminine) they can look flattering on you and do justice to your lean legs.

Your capsule wardrobe

1 Polka dotted blouse • 2 Pink Blouse • 3 Teal Peplum • 4 Pleated Tank Top • 5 Denim Shirt • 6 Animal Print Dress • 7 Key Hole Cut Out Dress • 8 Black BodyCon Dress • 9 Asymmetrical Dress • 10 Blazer • 11 Belts • 12 Denim • 13 Purple Pants • 14 Printed Pants • 15 Printed Skirts16 A-Line Skirt

Make them work
Pencil Skirt for Sporty Ruler or Boyish Shape

As the pencil skirt dramatizes every bump and curve and the lack of it as well, it is a challenge for your body type. But we love a style challenge and so should you since this is a staple that can work in your wardrobe

  • Fitted blazers – A well fitted blazer, belted at the waist can make your body look very proportionate with a pencil skirt.
  • Flowy blouses – The next choice is going for a good flowy blouse with volume details at the bust or shoulders.
  • Empire lines – The pencil skirt will also work wonderfully well on your boyish frame with an empire line blouse.

So go ahead and dress for YOUR body shape and for regular style inspirations you can follow our board on Pinterest – Sporty ruler or Boyish Shaped Celebrities: Looks and Inspiration



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