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3 Ideas for Flattering Halloween Costumes – Curvy Women

Today we start our Halloween Costumes Series starting with curvy women. The series will incorporate ideas, inspirations, tips, looks all based on your body type. Why so? Because we believe that even a costume should flatter you. You are beautiful and you deserve to look and feel good every day. But when it is Halloween, most of us feel out of ideas or of we have them, the costume ends up looking bad. We save you from that!

But why are we starting so early you must be thinking. But hey, why not be proactive and get the best ones in advance before your favorite character costume gets out of stock. Makes sense doesn’t it? So let’s Begin.

Inspiration for Curvy women Halloween
Now most costumes out there will be manufactured primarily for somebody smaller in size and just by grading the measurements, it will end up looking weird on you. So, what are you to do as a curvy woman? We say look for inspiration from curvy icons in our culture (or others) or simply choose similar costume styles that flatter you otherwise as well, in your real life and real clothing. These two are our secrets for your curves.

Mariyln Monroe





Back then, in popular culture, curves were considered beautiful. And we love that era, and we love curvy women in general. So take a cue from Marliyn Monroe’s famous white dress for your Halloween Costume. With the deep V neckline, a defined under bust and a forgiving attached skirt it is perfect for your body.

Don’t forget your platinum wig, red lipstick, a black beauty spot and of course the charming smile. And since the dress is below midi length, don’t add width to your legs by wearing an ankle strap white heel, like the original. Wear a pair of white pumps instead.

Roman Empress





Dress • Heels • ArmletLipstick • Headpiece

This is the example of the flattering style costume that we talked about. An empire neckline is wonderful and sexy on you and it will draw the attention upwards. The draped skirt which doesn’t cling too much is another positive. Do your hair up Roman Style, wear a Gold headpiece, an armlet and lipstick as well.

Ursula from The Little Mermaid





Dress • Lashes • Mascara • Liner • Wig • Eyeshadow • Earrings • Lipstick color Lola • Nail Paint • Heels

Loved The Little Mermaid as a kid? But why play the mermaid when you can be evil this Halloween? We are pointing towards Ursula. She is the evil octopus and originally is shown with a strapless neckline. But we understand how as a woman with curves, supporting your assets is prime. So let’s go for straps! In case you need it, wear shape wear inside and you are good to go.

Wear a wig and sea shell earrings as well. As for the makeup, don’t forget false lashes. Blue eye shadow or purple is your call and depends on your skin tone. But the matching lips and nails is a must!

So these are our picks of Halloween Costumes for a curvy woman. Keep reading the blog as we cover other body shapes as well.


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