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3 Ideas for Flattering Halloween Costumes – Hourglass women

We started or “Flattering Halloween Costumes” series yesterday with curvy women. Today it is the sexy hourglass we talk about. There are hardly any two opinions on tiny waist and voluptuousness of an hourglass is extremely appealing, so why shouldn’t your Halloween Costume be as well? Let’s start our list!

Jessica Rabbit


From the 1988 movie who Framed Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit is of course the Human (but animated) wife of Roger. A historical movie in its own right, can lend you a lovely Halloween Costume. Just follow the styling of Jessica Rabbit from the movie. You do not have to be a singer to pull this off but simply an hourglass shape to play it well.

This outfit works for you because of its beautiful sweetheart neckline. Also the slit, shows off the leg in an elongating way and hence solves the problem of you feeling short and chubby at the bottom. The best part, if you are bold enough you can use this gown later as it is not in sequins, how it is originally meant to be.

Burlesque – Dita Von Teese


When you think of sexy hourglass, Dita Von Teese and her enticing burlesque dancing comes to mind. Just for one day, would you not want to be her? In an interview a while back, she stated that on Halloween she likes to be a regular girl. So a regular girl sure can be her!

This outfit works again with the sweetheart neckline corset that emphasizes your curves and adds oomph. The tutu skirt will cover you up well while narrowing down the waist a bit more due to its volume. Pair with  garter stockings and don’t forget a small black veil.

Tinker Bell




But just because you are an hourglass, does not mean you have to play sexy. You can be mischievous and cute as well. So, to keep variety we offer you inspiration from another Disney Character – Tinker Bell – the fairy from Peter Pan. We all know her of course, and you can be her.

This costume complete with winks and wand, wins due to its neckline. A deep is very flattering on you and so will be that short skirt. Match your shoes, yes make them green and wear blue Tinker-Bell-like contact lenses. Extra Points for doing your blonde hair up in a pony.

So, those were our ideas for Halloween costumes, well in advance, for hourglass women. How are you liking this series? Are you excited to know about your body-type? Leave us a comment below.


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