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3 Ideas for Flattering Halloween Costumes – Pear Shaped women

Halloween is still a month away but we have started planning early and we give you flattering Halloween costume ideas through our ongoing series. We are covering its 3rd edition today concentrating on the Pear Shape women.

So, if you did not think about this before that even your Halloween Costume should be flattering on you, you should think now with the help of Wink n Pout Stylists. So here are our three picks for you.






Fierce and dangerous, borrow from other cultures for inspiration and be a female matador from Spain. While you will not have to indulge in bull fighting necessarily (unless someone shows up as a bull or maybe your own date does) but this outfit will sure make you look your best.

This particular outfit works for many reasons. The pear shaped women is heavier on the bottom and thighs. To balance the same, the bolero with accentuated shoulders is lovely for your frame. The neckline works as it draws the eye upwards and the A-line dress inside is a flattering silhouette.

Twilight – Jane from the Volturi


CostumeNecklaceContact LensMary JanesWig

The vampire saga maybe over, but if you were a fan channeling the Volturi is very appropriate for Halloween. Dakota fanning did a great job at portraying one half of the most powerful duo members of Volturi, you can do it too for one night.

The black cloak is a big characteristic and this one that we picked will hug your curves on top and it will flare out as it reaches your hips, covering it all underneath. A lovely option complete with a hood. But make sure you wear a blonde wig instead(if that is not your natural color) Tie your hair up in a bun, wear red contacts (essential because you are a vampire) as well as the Volturi Necklace to complete the transformation.

Extreme Sea Punksea-punk-halloween-inspiration-costume





Wig • Blue Lipstick • Studded Cap • Swimsuit• Bindi • Black Maxi Skirt • Boots

Our last pick today is slightly different from the regular fare. It is something extreme if you are already not a sea punk, but the costume can be used up later as well.  Sea Punk as they say, originated with small groups on tumblr and a lot of it is filtering to runways and mainstream as well. But not this look, which will make you stand out.

Start with a blue wig or sea green or pastel pink or purple if you prefer. Then add a deep scoop metallic/holographic swimsuit is what defines your torso. Define your waist with a forgiving black maxi skirt and a thin belt. Boots to go on your feet. But now comes the interesting part, wear blue lipstick, a highly studded baseball cap in black and a bindi your forehead as well. All of this drama draws the eye upwards to your face and torso. And all these elements scream sea punk and voila! for a night you are one too.

This brings us to the close of suggesting 3 flattering Halloween Costumes to the pear shaped women. There is more to come for other body shapes. Be sure to check in tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “3 Ideas for Flattering Halloween Costumes – Pear Shaped women

  1. All good things for balancing out larger hips. I especially love the matador! Those shoulder pads and all of the adornments on the matador jacket are going to go a long way to not only balancing out a pear shape, but also distracting from it!

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