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3 Flattering Halloween Costume Ideas – Apple Shaped Women

Wink n Pout believes that whatever you wear should flatter you, including a Halloween Costume. That is the sole reason of this series and we are talking about apple shaped women today. If you have been following, we may have had already covered your body shape or stick around, we are going to cover it soon.

But for apple shaped women who have a roundish waist, as the thickest part of their bodies but beautiful shapely legs and toned arms and shoulders. So what should you wear this Halloween? Here are our 3 suggestions.

Venetian Statue


Costume • Eyeliner Pencil • Brush • Kryolan Supra Light Grey Foundation • Heels

Well, you have been living all your life (obviously), so why not play something lifeless this Halloween. No not a ghost, but a little more cultured – A Venetian Statue!

Our stylists came across this gorgeous outfit that will flatter your body beautifully. The empire line wrap style suits and enhances your torso and the gathers and wrap layer below is flattering for your waist. Although do not worry about the hair, as it comes with a wig and also a cover for your shoes.

While, the makeup might concern you but seriously it is simple. Simply use a white foundation, an eyeliner pencil to draw similar pattern and then smudge with a brush. And you are done!

A Female Ninja



CostumeNinja SaisShoes

How cool it would be to become a ninja in real life? You can fight like a dream, disappear in a fraction of a second… but I would cut short that thought and instead settle for a ninja costume for Halloween.

The one we picked is another empire line with a V neck and draws attention to the face and décolletage. Wear all your gear and carry Ninja Sais as well an you are ready to kick some ass on Halloween!

Austin Powers Fembots


Costume • Wig • Silver Shorts • Silver Heels

Now that is a blast from the past! Let’s poke fun at 1960s spy movies with your Halloween Costume this time. Why don’t you play the Austin Powers Fembots. And if you think it will be a little too racy? We have found an option that isn’t so transparent like the originals.

So this A Line Costume is soft fur at the bust complete with nozzles! If you are a busty apple however, we would suggest you to skip this. The dress is very forgiving to your shape inside and only shows off your beautiful legs. Don’t forget to wear a bee-hive blonde wig as well as silver shorts inside, just in case!

This brings us to a close for today’s post. You came across 3 flattering looks for an apple shaped body. If you are one, we hope it helped and would love to know which one you would choose, in comments below!


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