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3 Flattering Halloween Costumes Ideas: Inverted Triangle

Clothes should flatter you, period. Whether it is day-to-day life or Halloween (which is still a month away) but we are almost rounding up our series on Flattering Halloween Costumes. Covered by body shapes we present 3 ideas for you to choose from with complete shopping list.

So what is in store for you, if you are an inverted triangle and have broad shoulders and bust while your waist narrows down to give slim legs and hips.. Let’s find out!

Top Gun Aviator



Can you forget Maverick and Charlie’s love and passion? We can’t either. But what if you had to channel the Top Gun Aviator as a woman? Well, no doubt you would have fancied that..but this Halloween it can be reality as we found you the costume that will suit you!

This costume which is really a jumpsuit works because of its V neckline, which visually reduces width on top. Second the flare balances out the width of the torso while being flattering at the same time. And can we not mention the belt? Cinching your waist is good! Pair it up with aviator sunglasses and black booties and you are done.

Michelle Rodriguez – S.W.A.T team

Black Tank • Camo Pants • Gun • Tactical Belt • Boots



Another strong woman character that we are getting inspired from, for you is Michelle in S.W.A.T. Maybe it is the strong shoulders of an inverted triangle that is behind this inspiration. Anyhow you maybe can put this look together even from your closet if you have these classics already.

Team a black racerback tank, which shows off your strong shoulders, with camo pants. But if you want to be in character, the pants should be loose only – remember we are saying camo pants not camo jeans. It will balance out your width on top. Complete the look with combat boots, a fake gun and a tactical belt.

Sexy Skeleton

Costume • 
Gloves • Shoes • Fishnet stockings • Wig • Red Lipstick • Smoky Stick • Smudge brush

Two options through, but what if you are inverted triangle who wants to be spooky and sexy and show off a feminine side. Well, in that case this one is just for you.

We love this voluminous outfit which fits at the torso and flares out below the waist. It it perfect to balance your proportions. The sweetheart neckline also lets you show off those shoulders without becoming over-powering. Pair a baroque wig, gloves, fishnet stockings and boots along. Don’t forget to wear the black smokey eye and some red lipstick.

So, if you are a inverted triangle, either use the ideas above directly or look for Halloween costumes with similar features as described above and you will surely look great. And if we still haven’t covered your body shape, stick around for more.





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