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3 Flattering Halloween costume Ideas – Banana / Rectangle Shape

So what are the costumes that can flatter women with almost a non-existent waist and hence a rectangle / Banana? We tell you in our series of most flattering Halloween Costumes today! We have covered a lot of them already and only a handful remain, so spread the word your friends… who knows even they can find a costume for their body shape this year. After all, dressing up for Halloween is fun, and we would rather do it in style. Won’t you?

1920s Flapper

CostumeWigHead BandCigarette HolderHeels

This was the time when women were free from the shackles of a corset and defining a waist was not a priority. You can almost imagine the era’s fashion in favor of letting the rectangle woman at ease. So, no wonder that our first outfit inspiration comes from there.

The Black and pink fringe dress is supposed to show off your legs and arms, which are your strong characteristics and it is very forgiving on the waist. And yes it is supposed to look that way and is stylish that way, so don’t worry! And since the women were revolting with their fashion in clothes, the hair too was being preferred in a bob and not long anymore. So complete your outfit with a marcell-waves wig, a cigarette holder, a feather headband and some pearls as well if you fancy.

Lady Bug


Can Halloween costume inspiration only ever come from a lady character? A human lady (person rather)? Not necessarily as you can dress up like a lady bug instead. Don’t worry the outfit keeps the beauty of the black and red polkas but brings in sexy into the equation.

The costume our stylists picked for you will work for various reasons. The sweetheart neckline and the printed patch in the middle is clever enough to cause an illusion of a waist and while the volume in the tutu skirt aids it. Complete your outfit with a bug headband, socks as well as Mary Janes. If you feel bold wear red lipstick or else stick to nude.

Pumpkin Witch




Now, this one is the true spirit of Halloween. A little cliché if you will, but we love the outfit since it flatters. So the inspiration is simply the pumpkin and a witch….very Halloween indeed!

Similar to the costume above this Halloween costume is clever in terms of the panels in the skirt. It gives you curves when you combine it with the well constructed torso. And the peek-a-boo orange on the neckline emphasizes the black panels and shoulders even more to give you a lovely shape. Apart from that we love the little broom and hat a little too much..don’t you too?

So those were our three flattering picks for a rectangle/ banana/boyish body shape, whichever way you like to call it. If you have any queries or simply want to show some love, leave a comment below!


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